Murderer released to continue career of robbery and murder.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by EX_STAB, Jun 1, 2007.

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    What part of the phrase "lock murderers up until they die" do politicians have difficulty understanding?

    I suppose he was just misunderstood and had a no toys when he was a kid. Hope his social worker, sorry "probation officer" is proud of himself.
  2. Of course, if we had a decent system where they had one hand chopped off if they comitted a robbery, by the time he did that jewelers, he wouldn't have been able to hold the gun. :x
  3. Dont you realise that to lock him up would probably infringe on his human rights?! Poor boy must be disturbed from childhood.
    Lets hope they throw the book at him without parole!
  4. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

  5. Swift justice is good justice, he should have been tried and hung in 1990 within 3 weeks of his arrest for murder. We needs judges such as Lord Chief Justice Goddard instead of the pinko w*nk*rs sitting in courts today. Judges should be drawn from people who have real experience of real life, in other words contributers to arrse. Todays liberal t*ss*rs would'nt don the black cap and pass the sentance " you will be taken from this court and hung by the neck until you are dead". I would, gladly.
    Hanging should be reintroduced and back dated, the gallows should be working night and day hanging the scum such as Huntley, Brady and others. They should be told "there has been a rethink of your sentance, you've got 60 seconds left". Need a hangman? I' ll do it. Free.
    Keeping the filth alive at a cost to the taxpayer of 300 pounds a week is outrageous and is not justice.
    Transportation should be reintroduced with hard labour, send them to Uzbekistan and work them until they drop, destroy their health and then leave them to rot in the Gobi desert.
    Hanging should apply for attempted murder too, the intention was the same the difference being failure of the attempt instead of success. Fifty years for robbery and lopping off of the right hand, off with the left for a second offence, death for a third offence. Castration for child molesting, death for drug dealing and dealing means holding more than a miniscule amount of any drug, toal confiscation of all assets of convicted criminals. The birch and flogging for the most minor infraction. Hanging, castrating and flogging to be done in public. we would have law and order in 6 weeks.
  6. bc, have you ever considered running for parliment?
  7. Let me add transportation would apply for every criminal conviction, no sentance under 5 years and 5 years would mean every day of it, no time off and no parole. No letters, no papers, no radio and no TV. No contact with any family or friend, for the length of the sentance the criminal would cease to exist.
  8. Yep, you get my vote!
  9. Well just another resounding sucess for the home office and the criminal justice system it seems.

    How lucky we are to have had Tony'tough on crime tough on the causes of crime' Bliar, and his top people as home secretary ....... did any of them leave except under a cloud?
  10. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    How about we do transport these wasters to places like Africa. Then instead of handing over millions in aid to the local despots for new Mercedes, it could be used to buy materials that these slackers could then sweat turning into infrastructure in the less developed areas.

    And when their sentence is up they can make their own way back.

    That’ll learn em.
  11. Enigma 266, I'm considering it. I'd have to form my own party, none of the current freeloaders would have me.
    One of the first laws passed would be 50 plus transportation plus hard labour plus confiscation of all assets for missuse of taxpayers money. Prescott would be Uzbekestan bound within days of my government being formed. He'd find the food very different to Caribbean 5* hotels, he'd loose 5 stone in a fortnight in addition to the loss of his Jags, no crocket in Uzbekistan. He'd soon have recognisable company in the rock breaking gang, Blair for f*kc*ng the country, Brown for stealing our money, Beckett for misrepresenting us and Browne and Hoon for reasons we all know including deception. They'd be swiftly joined by just about every member on both sides for freeloading and treating their fellow countrymen with utter contempt.
  12. Whilst I admire the sentiment, don't you think that foreign nations might object to us offloading our criminals on them? (With the exception of Bliar going to the US of course)
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I'm sure it will all turn out well in the end - look at Australia :D
  14. We would pay the Uzbek government to " care " for them, or the Mongolian government say. They would be glad of the foreign currency and it would cost a small fraction of what it costs to keep the scum feather bedded here.
  15. baldcossack. I think I agree with everything you've said. Im glad you mentioned that same applies for people who attempt but dont 'suceed'. Ive had many arguments with people about that.

    The rope is a fine choice, cheap and slow.