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Murderer of British troops speaks to BBC


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Nothing new for the BB. They were talking to Adams and McGuinnes for years during the troubles.
Get him on the phone and trace the call to which ever hole he is in and ask the fly boys to send him a present. We done it in Kosovo with a wanted war criminal, same job here.
Should be no difference in approach. If the prick calls again, df him and give him the good news. Or subcontract the job out to folks who are not as squeamish.

Greeting him with a JDAM just seems too quick and uncreative to me. Too good for the ****.
We need to catch him and give him a very very slow and unpleasant death, and then display his mangled head on a pike outside Bastion.
no... don't kill him. He'd be happy in death that he fulfilled his martyrdom. Take him prisoner, dig a deep trench, and have caged pigs (dirty animals in islam) above said trench, and let the pig shit on him. He'll either have to eat it to scrape by for another day, or die of starvation and not have died in battle.

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