The-Lord-Flasheart said:
BanjoBill said:
What's the best way to murder a Prime Minister?
Allow him to do it himself.
I can't wait for obesity to kill him.
I suggest a chastity belt on Mandleson, leave it for 6 months, then lock him and One eye in a room, let Mandy bum him to death, after all, hes been shagging us all up the arrse for the last 11 years.
The Dragunov would certainly do the trick, however far too subtle and expeditious. I'm thinking more along the lines of beating the cnut to death with a baseball bat whilst screaming words like wanker, bastard, cunt, dick head, one eyed twat... if you get the piccy...

Edited to add... Although I would pay good money to watch Mandleson bum him to death... but I guess we'll see that anyway.
Stick this in his Porridge

sod the base ball bat use the trusty englishmans tool

dam it dnt work
sod it just beat the little shit to death with a cricketbat
The Arabs have a method called the "Death of a thousand cuts." Does exactly what it says on the tin !
I'm quite certain they sold it to HM Treasury's defence budget department !

Still, send the PM to the middle east to have a taste of it. That should improve our diplomatic relations with the sheet heads !
There is only one just solution.
Hang him by the neck until dead.
Preferably fro a convenient and very public lampost anywhere near Whitehall.

Not that I have ever given it the slightest little bit of thought, just to save Special Branch having to come and kick the door in.
shit in his mouth and superglue his nostrils closed and put a gag in his mouth,handcuff him, tie him naked behind a bright pink land rover defender , drag him down downing street, get a belt sander and shave his scalp off then cut his nutsack in two then sand his nobend put some sand in his eyes wait 10 minutes until he feels like shit then blowtorch his left eye and piss in his right one.. spray him bright orange and put a spade up his arse...

i could go on but i got bored

I actually have nothing against the pm
Just to be sure... "Sorry London"

BanjoBill said:
BiscuitsAB said:
Does treason still carry the death penalty? or did ZanuNL do away with that "just incase"?
Nah mate. Treason is the new politically correct.
Life imprisonment these days.
However, Mr Brown has announced his intent to do away with the Treason Act as its outdated and no longer necessary, reality is that he is undeniably guilty of Treason and intends to cover his back by getting rid of the Act.

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