Murder review team to begin work

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. A team of detectives is due to re-open files on 100 unresolved murders of the Northern Ireland Troubles.

    The team, led by retired Metropolitan Police Commander David Cox, will re-examine a total of 3,268 killings between 1969 and the 1998 peace accord. The squad of about 100 detectives and support staff will use the latest forensic science and intelligence analysing technology.

    "Good luck to them I say. But no doubt if convictions happen good old Tony & the South African Peter Hain will let those responsible off with a slap on the bottom under some new silly accord"
  2. You can guarantee they will concentrate on alleged security force involvement. A blind eye will be turned to Provo murders.
  3. For that they should send Sir John Stevens back to the Province. He certainly made everyone aware he was not going to be intimidated by uncovering the truth..
  4. I wonder how many member of the Security Forces are now going to be named for there part in operations in support of the RUC
  5. Good point. I wonder if Commander Cox's Office wil go up in flames like John Stevens did when he investigated such matters.!