Murder Police Appeal - Do you recognise pistol? (.25)

reproduced from Scotsman website. also reportedly covered on MoD Oracle website.

Omitted from this web version of the story is that the .25 calibre pistol was designed and patented by Hugo Schmeisser and made between 1922 and 1930 by a company called C G Haenel Waffen, of Suhl in eastern Germany. It is only 4.5 inches long and 3.5 inches high and is commonly known as a pocket or waistcoat pistol, also sometimes referred to as a "ladies' gun". Police understand that about 40,000 were made and exported throughout Europe. Northern Constabulary.

  • Murder police ask military to help trace gun


    MORE than a million military personnel, past and present, are being urged to help police track down the owner of the gun used to murder the banker Alistair Wilson on his Nairn doorstep.

    Northern Constabulary have released details of the small, German-made .25 calibre handgun from the 1920s used in November’s killing of the father of two.

    Detectives are following up more than 20 possible leads after making a nationwide appeal on BBC One’s Crimewatch programme on Wednesday night.

    Details of the gun have been posted on the MoD Oracle website which provides military-type information to current and former servicemen and women. The site is visited by 1.5 million users a month.

    It is hoped veterans may help detectives establish the history of the weapon.

    Detective Chief Inspector Peter MacPhee, who is leading the hunt for Mr Wilson’s killer, said the gun could have been brought back as a trophy by soldiers after the Second World War, legally imported prior to 1997, when a ban on handguns was introduced, or smuggled into the country.

Maybe the ammo might yield an avenue of investigation; like who imported .25 ACP 'Sellier and Bellot', before the ban? Subsequent sales outlets and FAC records ought to at least provide a negative response, if nothing else...
Oh, I know! :roll: Grandmothers and eggs, but it might jog a memory cell!
The round of ammo shown on Crimewatch UK exhibited a crimson case-neck seal, typical of commercial S&B ammo, so presumably this was recovered with the gun; yes/no?

Whoever did shoot this chap must have got in close; muzzle to body contact, because .25 ACP has about as much 'go' in it as a wet f*rt.
Also that particular type of 'ladies' gun' is so small that it's difficult for the average male hand to hold properly, let alone fire it with any accuracy, so it HAS to be close. The grip is very short and, if you don't want the web of your hand to be chewed up by the slide cycling, you end up virtually holding the damned thing with your fingertips.

Given the availability of fully functional handguns these days, despite the fact that they're now supposed to be illegal, the use of a .25ACP doesn't exactly sound like a drug-related or 'respect' killing, does it?
Quite, OldAdam - .25ACP makes HV .22lr look like an effective combat round!