Murder on the Queen Mary 2

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, May 13, 2006.

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  1. Sounds like an Agatha Christie book but its happened. A filipino crew member died of head injuries after an alleged attack by a colleague.

    He was airlifted off the ship to a Netherlands hospital with serious head injuries but died on the way.

    " I did not realise that because the Ship is registered in Southampton, Hampshire Constabulary have jurisdiction, even though the ship is currently docked in Norway. the alleged assailant had been confined to his cabin by the Ship's Captain under section 105 of the Merchant Shipping Act. Four detectives and three crime scene investigators have flown to Norway and boarded the ship in Bergen. While on route back to the UK the police officers will be speaking to any members of the ship’s company who may have witnessed the incident."
  2. She's in Bergen just now and the Nowegian police have taken a hands off since it happened in international waters. she's expected to sail soon
  3. Bergen Tidenes Link in Norwegian Only

    The ship has a stopover in Flåm tonight then a 24 hr cruise back to Southhampton. What a schitt way to spoil an otherwise excellent cruise round the Norwegian Fjords.

    The suspect is confined to quarters.


    Apoligies IJ :D
  4. The link is ok if you speak or understand Norweigen!!!!
  5. Basically it tells you what persons are a 45 year old philipno,and they had a fight ,its a british police matter,because it happened in international waters etc.