Murder on Second life

according to Associated Press:
Those Japanese sure take their computer life seriously.

a 43 year old player in a virtual game world became so angry about her sudden divorce from her online husband that she logged on with his password and killed his digital persona, police revealed.

The woman, who has been jailed on ' suspicion of illegally accessing a computer and manipulating electronic data ', used his ID and password to log on to the game " Maple Story " and carried out the virtual murder.

The woman, a piano teacher, had not plotted revenge in the real world..she has not been formally charged, but could face up to 5 years in prison or a fine up to $ 5 grand!!

she used log-in information she got from the 33 year old office worker when they were ' happily married' in the virtual world and then had him 'offed' .. the cops got called when the guy discovered he was 'dead'..

Gawd love us all.. the collapse of civilization is nigh.. first Sarah Palin, now this..
It is a truth universally acknowledged that 99% of the world's weird shit happens in Japan.
Erm, i dont think it was secondlife...

Think it was MapleStory, which is even worse.

Think she got onto his account, then "killed" (Read - Deleted) his account.

Crazy Japenese.


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BPS666 said:
Thank fcuk we aren't able to do this in arrse as 99.9% of the community would be up for doing that cnut Sven!
"Man killed repeatedly on Army Rumour forums.

The police are seeking to interview 39,477 registered ARRSE users after the E-persona called 'Sven' was murdered online in the most hideous electronic fashion.

Despite thousands of attempts to revive him, each time it was done, he was murdered again almost instantly.

In one such event, rapidly scrolling green alphanumeric characters were seen to appear out of knowhere and swarm into the mouth of his avatar, before it was seen to gag, and then turn purple as it choked to death on its own virtual vomit."
Random_Task said:
smartascarrots said:
It is a truth universally acknowledged that 99% of the world's weird shit happens in Japan.
I beg to differ,I reckon the Germans can claim that honour. Without railways to build,I suppose the youth of Germany and Japan need something to occupy themselves with :D .
The problem with that is half of Germany's teenagers seem to be obsessed with Japanese manga, anime and the like. If there one thing that makes my blood boil more than some goth german cnut its some goth german cnut dressed up like sailor moon.

Then again if its female its worth a squirt!
Gust.Avrakotos said:
It’s worse in Korea I can tell you. One bloke killed another with a sword... for selling his internet (E peen?) sword on ebay.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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