Murder of Girl, 8 in Perth Aust


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Nightmare as girl, 8, is murdered
Adam Gartrell and Liza Kappelle

A LITTLE girl was murdered in a shopping centre while her uncle and brother knocked on the door of the disabled toilet where she died, police believe.

Sofia Rodrigez-Urrutia-Shu, 8, was snatched at random before being sexually assaulted and killed, they believe.
A 21-year-old man was yesterday charged over her death.

The schoolgirl left her uncle, 14-year-old brother and sister, 11, to go to a toilet in Livingstone Market, in the Perth suburb of Canning Vale, on Monday afternoon.

When Sofia failed to emerge within a few minutes her uncle and brother searched the female and male toilets but could not find her.

They got no response when they knocked on the locked door of the disabled toilet, where police say the girl was probably being attacked at the time.

After searching the car park, her brother returned to the toilets and found Sofia's naked body on the toilet floor, as a man fled the scene.

The boy briefly gave chase before returning to his sister's body, police said.

Her clothes were found piled nearby.

"We are all devastated by the sudden and senseless loss of Sofia," her family said in a statement.

"Please keep Sofia and our family in your thoughts and prayers."

Police from Western Australia's major crime squad yesterday arrested Dante Wyndham Arthurs, of Canning Vale.

He was charged with wilful murder, deprivation of liberty and two counts of sexual penetration.

He appeared briefly in Perth Magistrates' Court and was remanded in custody to appear again on July 11.

Det Sen-Sgt John Wibberley said it was not clear whether Sofia had wandered into the disabled toilet or had been snatched from the female toilets.

He said her father had flown back from a business trip in Hong Kong to be with his family.

"The family is absolutely distraught as you can imagine," he said.

"It is probably the worst nightmare for any family with a young child.

"It's a horrific offence against an innocent young child who . . . has just made the fatal mistake of being in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Sofia's family, from the Perth suburb of Banjup, said they had received immense support and asked for privacy to deal with their grief.

Brooke McCaffree, 22, who works as a shop assistant at a gift shop next door to the toilets, said she was absolutely disgusted.

"The fact that I was there serving customers as this was happening in the next room is just diabolical," she said.

Sympathy to parents and siblings of the girl
God...that's absolutely fcuking awful. Poor girl.

Where is this story from?


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Sounds very similar to a story in the UK a little while back, although not quite as tragic. Young girl snatched in Sainsburys and raped (allegedly) by a young man while her mum looked for her. Luckily nothing worse happened. Very sad though, RIP to the little giurl and sympathy to the family. As for the guy, lower him slowly into shark infested water.
That really is absolutely disgusting. What an ordeal for the family who were so close, and yet knew not was happening.

My deepest symapthies to all affected by this most heinous act. :cry:
May God rest her and her family.
Words fail me. There is only one suitable penalty for this type of depravity.

RIP little one.


For a crusty old ex-grunt, I am choked reading this. I hope they pull-him through with razor-wire and then hand him over to her family.

RIP little angel. You are safe now.

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