Murder case 1980s

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by diverre, Apr 20, 2008.

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  1. Any old sweats here from the 80's remember a big news story of that time where a Dr's wife went missing presumed murdered, and something about the Dr/Husband trying to make out she hitch hiked with a truck driver? Was it Dr Jones? and what was the area if anyone remembers as I'm trying to get info on the net, but not getting far.

    So the correct names/ location/ or any links would be appreciated.

    Thank you :D
  2. What country????

    It may narrow things down a little.
  3. I was aquaitted of murder, so i dont know wher your going with this matey. But i will get out my case file in a min and post up the info if that turns you on, heard some stories of couples re-enacting murders as they get a thrill out of it you know :S

    PM me if you want the pics of her and the brand new driveway where she is under now.

  4. Don't mention the garden gate...
  5. Don't PM me - work it out for yourself.
  6. The UK. It was front page for about 4 months. Im trying to find it on the web as there was a photo in the press at the time and I'm hoping to find it.

    And no I wasnt the murderer lol
  7. And if no one was convicted, you need to tread very carefully.
  8. Was this around the time of the discovery of Penny Bell's body at a swimming pool in Greenford? I think her husband was a dr and she lived in Denham, Bucks. Peculiar cicumstances, but perhaps that is the one you're looking for?
  9. Thanks m8 but that isn't the one. I think it was around 1981-2ish

    If I remember the wife used to galavant off with truck Drivers and her husband tried to say that's how she disappeared but they suspected he murdered her.

    I don't know how the case finished up, but there was a photo in the sun at the time, and I'm hoping to stumble upon it.
  10. Wlcome mate. I'll keep any eye out for it, there was one in Kent/Sussex around that time (from memory) but I think a lorry driver was jailed for it and subsequently released after advances in DNA, so that can't be the one
  11. I thought you journos had a good library
    that bitch will not bother me again (dr des)