Murder Ball

Is Murder Ball still played ?
Not in my house.

Which is why I miss it so badly.

If it was played in my house, of course, I'd prolly be in a wheelchair as a consequence: I've had a 'clicky' right hip since I dislocated it in a Murder Ball game in 1972, and my boys are both bigger'n'me.

So's my missus, more's the pity, given that she's 10 inches shorter than I am.

Wot was the question again?
if I remember correctly here are the rules

rule 1...never mind the ball , get on with the game

rule 2..there is no rule 2
rule pooftahs
" i didnt get a nose like this by NOT playing fucking murderball" says the battered younger oldmanron to medic before blowing blood filled snot all over him !!
JNCOs cadre 1979. Game of murderball on the football pitch.

WO2 running the cadre explains the rules - get the ball into the goal. Anything goes except killing the other players.

During one scrum a scream is heard from the bottom of the pile.

The last player to get up from the mud pulls down his shorts - there is a perfect set of teeth marks on one cheek of his arse. The teeth marks were so clear that a dentist could have probably identified which person bit him.

To be fair however, once everyone had had a look and stopped laughing, the injured party pulled his shorts back up and carried on.


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