Murder and Mayhem or Bullshit for Book Sales?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by zero-over, Dec 23, 2012.

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  1. Remember the Nemesis File by deluded fantasist Paul Bruce? Looked good but it was denounced as complete fabrication. Well once again someone has come forward claiming to be part of a death squad roaming Northern Ireland looking for "players" to "slot" - and coincidentally they have a book coming out.

    The 'murder and mayhem' squad: Shocking new revelations by former undercover soldier who carried out 'shoot first, ask questions later' attacks on IRA terrorists for the British Army | Mail Online

    Brace yourselves for a long investigation, countless newspaper articles and the inevitable "This never happened" conclusion.
  2. Damn I've just been on the Daily Mail website and I was going to start a thread on this very subject

    Simon Cursey isn't his real name of course so it's no good asking anyone here if they knew him because it's just like using a pen name on the internet and the average journalist will have no military experience so can't ask Cursey any military related question involving operational detail that will blow his story in to touch

    I fail to see how there can be " 2,260 suspicous cases of death " on the PNSI historical enquiries books though " . 3,800 people died in the troubles of which 297 were caused by the British army . There was nothing " suspicous " about civvies getting blown up by an IRA bomb or tortured to death by loyalists so where's this figure of 2,260 coming from ?

    I look forward to the author being arrested by the PNSI and charged for wasting police time
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  3. Didn't Hacksaw Fiennes use the same schtick with The Feather Men and drew considerable opprobium in the process?
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  4. "Cursey’s devastating disclosures include the claim that he never once cautioned a terror suspect or fired a warning shot before himself engaging with lethal force. He said he and his colleagues shot at least 20 men, though he could not say how many died."

    Funny that, there was no follow-up after the "shootings" by the RUC or the Green Army?

    In order to issue a warning order, one would presume to be in close quarters with the suspect, therefore I would know if said suspect was injured or "slotted".

    I smell a rat that might cost the Taxpayer a substantial sum, and a huge waste of man-hours.
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  6. It's worth noting that in the early 70's the Loyalist paramiltaries especialy the UVF and later the UFF were randomly targeting catholics and have been responsible for 100's of killings. I suspect a few of these random killings are unsolved and it would be easy to find out who and where, then concoct a story around men with black nasty over their eyes "patroling" Belfast and carrying out the killings.....

    .... I think Tropper was involved on a dark night.
  7. Thanks for the link but there's something that doesn't ring true from Tony Cox's statement to the court on having killed anyone " I know it may seem strange to you but in Northern Ireland it is hard to tell " as in you're close enough to shoot shoot someone and it's hard to tell if they're dead or alive ? I guess if you don't take them to hospital then they might die but then won't the body be discovered ? Before anyone says it this old myth that " The provos would hide their comrades bodies so they wouldn't be identified hence their associates wouldn't be traced " is exactly that a - a myth . Likewise if the Brits were organising secret death squads and dumping their victims in to unmarked graves wouldn't the Republican movement be shouting it from the rooftops " Oh these nasty Brits are using death squads to murder politically motivated law abiding civvies just like in some fascist killing field in South America "

    Something else to consider - even if this book does have a grain of truth to it the author will like all serving servicemen singed the official secrets act . He can expect to be questioned by plod on this point alone and that's before charges of murder or unlawful killing or accessory to a murder or umpteen other charges

    Looking on the bright side the Arrsepedia is going to be gaining another Walt star
  8. A rather mischieviously titled book - 'SAS Warlord. Shoot to Kill' a title selected by the book's publishers and not the author, appeared in 2010. The author's name was given as Tom Siegriste who describes his time with the MRF.

    In my opinion, the book has no particularly great literary merit nor of any military history value to 'Op Banner'. The motive in producing this tome was a quick source of income to a guy of my generation, strapped for cash. That and selling medal(s) in many instances pays the current bills.
    MRF had a very curious history and was disbanded as much for it's cavalier modus of operation rather than the rather brilliantly conceived but ill fated 4 Square project.
  9. You could be right the article mentions patrolling the dim streets of Belfast!
  10. As one who has conducted countless undercover missions usually wearing a dinner jacket and often accompanied by a sexy russian female agent, I often found that the SOP of shooting first and then asking questions was of limited intelligence value. It took quite a lot of development and testing but it was eventually discovered that questioning corpses was wildly unsuccessful
  11. Considering the grief author Mark Powell got for claiming to be a former para who fought in the Falklands and being a member of " them " from some of the site's more vocal Waltenkommandos ( Hi Alleege ) I wonder what sort of reaction author " Simon Cursey " will recieve from some of the Arrse members . No let me guess...

    RantyArrseMember" I will not sleep easily in my bed knowing this worthless piece of shit is still breathing . How dare he piss on the graves of these brave soldiers who died during the decades upholding the law in the province

    Mod " Listen since you've only registered for three weeks and 127 of your 131 posts are contributions to this thread of " Undercover Assassin Walt " perhaps you'd like to tell us if you've actually served ? "

    RAntyArrseMember: " yes "

    Mod: " When ? "

    RantyArrseMember: " Listen sonny I don't have to explain myself to you . All you have to know is that I was doing the biz in NI with my SLR when you were sucking off the pe teacher in primary school . Real soldiers in those days wore putees and didn't give a f*ck about health and safety not like today "

    Mod: " So is that a no then ? "

    RantyArrseMember: " Listen my best mate got blown to shit in NI . His name was ****** ******** and he died on the ** of 19** . Google it for details . You've just pissed on his grave you C*nt "

    AnotherRantyArrseMember: " How dare the mods in this site - one dedicated to serving and former serving soldiers of the British Army even suggest we should forget our fallen comrades from Operation Banner where over a thousand members of HM security forces were cruelly murdered ? "

    Mod " Perhaps you'd like to trawl through this 188 page thread and say where myself or any other mod suggested that ? "

    The sooner Simon Cursey is tracked down and exposed as being the fraud the better if only to get the fireworks out of the way
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  12. I see your crystal ball has been superbly calibrated . Now give me six numbers
  13. Very fishy tale I think..a bit before my time in the province , but doesn't feel right. I wonder if this Cursey character is actually a kilt wearing peer, recently back from Indonesia or at least a graduate of one of his training programmes.
  14. To be fair, the nature of Wikipedia is such that anybody can write on it.

    As such, it's perfectly possible that the man behind Simon Cursey authored the Wiki page too, to support his own claims and reduce the chances of him being proven a bluffer.