Muqtada al-Sadr: we are driving the British out

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. MoD of course.

  2. MoD's position is better argued

  3. I support MoD but Sadr has a point

  4. Both sides are partially right

  5. Rather Sadr has better arguments

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  6. I hate to say it but Sadr is right


  2. al-sadr is a cnut playing to an audience of cnuts.

    nuff said.

  3. Any defeat begins with disrespect to the enemy.
  4. maybe so, but he's still a cnut.

  5. Wheres the "neither side is right option"?
  6. MAS is in a position where he can say what he wants, whether it has a basis in fact or not. As he knows the majority of the population in southern Iraq are more lilkely to believe him than us; he's in a no lose situation.

    We have to leave at some point, and when we do he simply says 'it woz me and me JAM that did it, how about making me Prime Minister of southern Iraq and all of its oil'.

    A country bumpkin and very junior cleric he may be, but he can play the population pretty well.
  7. Comment your question mate, please. One side cliams that somthing is true. Another side is sure that it is not true.

    So express your personal attitude to the statement in the title. Do you agree with it?
  8. Hate to say it but he is spot on.
  9. Tell you what. Bomb him and his collection of year zero knobbers back to the stone age , and they can claim victory over what remains.

    This gobby tw@t should have been dead since longtime.

    Don't ask me to make a reasoned comment, it's not going to happen.

    Except I would like to see Bremner breaking rocks in the sun.
  10. I agree with Taz, in addition when this conflict is looked back on in the cold light of day we will not be considered the winners. Whether MAS is instead depends on how his future and the future of Iraq plays out.

    We are in grave danger of falling in the to the US argument in vietnam of having won every tactical battle but lost the war.
  11. Who SkiCarver? :D
  12. Sadr is saying this now because hes playing the political game, he knows the army are pulling out gradually and hes exploiting the situation for his own benefit. he is lining himself up for the big fat jobs afterwards. the mod statement is correct, sadr is grandstanding.
  13. Agreed... on all points.
  14. "
    This gobby tw@t should have been dead since longtime.

    If we'd killed him then things would be even worse. When I used to give pre-deployment briefs, this question often came up - the answer as to the consquences usually shut up even the most ardent 'kill Sadr now supporter.
  15. That's nice of him, driving us out, saves on bus fares.