Muppet Civilians getting Rescused by Brit led Military

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 58_Pattern, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. I am pleased that old Norm is free. However look at the risks taken to achieve that. I was livid when back in the 80's in Beruit John McCarthy & Jackie Mann elected to stay in Beruit after the FCO/MoD evacuated Brits from Beruit as they were told it was dangerous, my Dad was there as a Chinook crewman getting the Brits out. He remembers some Brits quaffing champagne from the bottle and laughing at those leaving and giving the fingers to the RAF. Some muppets elected stay on. The funny thing is that McCarthy & Mann were expats and never paid taxes. I am sick of idiots going overseas or not listening to the good wholesome advice of the Foreign Office or State Department. I would like to see the MOD Accounts Committee invoice some of these muppets for the AVGAS, Wages and Eqpt we use to get then out. Grrrrrrrrrrrr .

    Any other opinions boys ?
  2. Under discussion in a couple of other boards....

    Basically one word of dissent against the lads who got him out or anyone wearing a uniform of the UK PLC and we should give him back refusing to rescue him again untill be promises to behave and be more gratefull. Then promises not to go doing stupid things with his spare time that could get him killed if it weren't for the likes of the lads who nicked him back.

    Barking old buzzard needs locking up for his own good, as do all interfering busy-bodies of his ilk..............
  3. he should have stayed at home eating "werthers" & watching "countdown"

    stupid old cnut.
  4. Was thinking along the lines of "he should get a bill" myself. Maybe the MOD should 'leak' the approximate costs of the operation? If the Iraqis were that fcuking interested in what we think about peace we wouldn't be there now!
  5. Battsimm I entirely agree.
  6. Still if he's got grand-childern he's got some whoppers to tell now as he sucks on his Werthers originals................

    Stupididty edited out, but not forgotten.....
  7. It angers me when I was on Op Granby and saw the Brit Embassy give out full IPE & S10's free of charge to expats and saw my men getting billed for lost kit by the blanket stackers. At least my men paid National Insurance & Tax. I had a one sided conversation with the Loggie and gave him an Ice Cream headache and he never came near us again.
  8. I got sent to the naughty corner 'cos I told that haggard old cnut Kate Aidie what i though of her and her crew when they tipped up in newly issued desert combats whan i was wearing old pattern green DPM with the liner bits cut out. To call me the 'un-happy Bunny' would be under-stating it to the point of ludicrousy.

    I've had a pathological hatred of the press ever since.................
  9. we had to sift through the sand during the first gulf war to try & find a ring belonging to "Kate Aidie" luckily there was'nt that much sand out there, was there????
  10. On the plus side, i hear her ring is pretty large :wink:
  11. well you certainly would not want to tackle her from the front, would you :?: :?:
  12. It never fails to amaze me how the powers that be do seem to have a problem prioritising. It really is as black and white as has been pointed out above yet no one in a position of authority can either see it, or, more likely, has the probity to speak out. Smacks of Emperor's New Clothes to me - as does too many other things that are ocurring here. :evil:
  13. Thought you'd all want to see how very very very grateful he is..... :evil:

    The Scum says... so I'm not sure just how true it is, but even with journos there's at least a pretence of truth! Maybe his christian group would like the pay the estimated £1million cost of the mission??
  14. When his kite arrives at heathrow today I suggest the Foreign Office puts him in a Taxi to Finsbury Park Mosque with a rucksack full of bacon, porn, bibles and beaujolais and some Danish cartoons. Grrrrrrrrrrrr Would make good reality TV viewing.
  15. What a wholly uncharitable guy!!! Simple common decency should prevail (if indeed it is correct that Mr Kimber does has 'issues' about the morality of his rescue) in that even if he doesn't approve of the operation you would have thought he could keep it to himself and express some gratitude. Talk about hipocrisy, I've always thought the Christian faith was fully aware of the sanctity of human life and anyone who risks their life for another is deserved of respect and gratitude. The rescue team certainly have mine.

    Invoice the miserable so and so! :evil: