Munsterlarger 90 - 91 ish

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Sapper007, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. Anyone know what ever happened to Archie de***n, after his holiday in colly.
    We were in 5 Tp at the time, also mad Dom and Eddie we there too
  2. Sorry that was 6 Tp not 5, did them all at one point
  3. Archie is still in :thumright: went to Tidders after monkeylager and then warminster...if i'm correct, he still might be there :thumleft:
  4. If you see him please pass on my best, we shared a room in monkeylarger back then, i used to shave his eye brows off when he was pissed, funny as feck ( i thought)
  5. alas...i am no longer in :meditate: ....but i might try and get a message to could always try and leave a message for him....and i knew the 2 folkers you mentioned in your first post :thumleft: (were you involved in the bleach drinking incident by any chance? :sweatdrop: lol)
  6. I was there that night, still tell that story now and still get that look from civvi's of 'you lieing tw*t' they couldnt do that...
    great nights in that bar, scared me for life that place
  7. i knew quite a few people in 5 & 6? Tps.... Jap,Taff Je***ns,Donny,and Hodgey....i always wonder what they got up to :boogie:
  8. I remeber Jap, wasn't hodgey knobbing the AO's daughter?
    how about scouse P****y and wigan?, or scoots another mad mad man
  9. Scouse is still in(i think) and doing well...nooo...not that i also know...the one i knew was from Doncaster...not sure if he left prior to gulf 1 along with Taff :shakefist:
  10. If its the same Hodgey(the one married to a mad german bird), then he got out about 8 years ago to be a trucker in the west country somewhere
  11. i got there about sept/oct prior to the gulf, so scouse was one of the nice fellas who gave me all my initations, bags of shit under the bed, drinking pints of what ever they felt like, that kind of stuff, then i remember him buying that shit 4 wheel drive car and seizing it up
  12. don't think he got married to german woman :confused: the one i knew was very spotty..hahaha :thumleft:
  13. and scouse was knobin a wrac of camp, quite good looking with big hooters i think
  14. The Hodgy that was seeing Uncle Toms girl is still in, I think he is Q now.
  15. :thumleft: hodgy who was on the nest with uncle toms kid is Q armd at tidders with 22