Munsterlager Golf course


Who was the dirty cnut who shitte in the holes , it was around 88-90 ish what a load of shitte that stirred up . Didn't affect me but a lot of Sappers lost a great deal of sleep. RSM at the time doubled the guard to catch the phantom shitter.... so own up who was it.


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never heard of the phantom pooper getting to the golf course.....however...did see what a load of boar did to it before they had the fence up..hehehe :D
:D never heard of the phantom shitter at the golf course but only got there at the begining of 91 but i do remember the phantom shitter who graced the co,s door step which made the RSM increase the guard for a while,


Had tha phantom shitter lay a barmine in my cup ,then put it all into my bed side fridge for me to find very hungover one morning :cry: :cry:
cheers spenny if your out there you TW*T :D :D :D
had a phantom sh1tter in GV in 97 who used to lay a log in the lads flip-flops.


He's out there ,don't give up on me. Anyone remember the Lama in the RSM's garden , managed to get past the Guard without being seen???

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