Munster Nord - Site Guard


War Hero
We used to get spammed for a smaller site that stored the "classified Material" for 50 Missile near Menden. I can't remember the exact location but it was a lot better than Munster Nord.
Our Troop also harboured up in a decommitioned one on a hill between Bad OyenHausen and Hameln, I think it was Ex Canadian Rocket Arty "Pombsen" maybe?
Wasn't there an even smaller one near Hameln guarded by Mictsies or whatever they were called?
My reasons for reviving this thread is that being cooped up at home reminds me a bit of the three occasions I had stagging on at this shithole. I daresay some of you here have had your own breaks away from the humdrum barrack life at Munster Nord and Handorf School.

At least at home I can sleep whenever I feel like and do not have to freeze my balls off in them towers, and go though mind-numbing security procedures.

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