Munster Nord - Site Guard

This is my first post to this site --- SITE GUARD !!!! 16 years and it feels like yesterday!!!!
Anyone remember this god knows how I do -

etc, etc

happy days!!


senerlarger one was better apart from being qrf on the top floor in barker bks bloody hike with all the ammo up and down them stairs, they knew exactly when u had just gotten all the gear up there before they called you out again,

The munster one was a shit hole
The briefing by that specky yank major 208 or 203 Artillery group?, informing us of all the rules and our responsibilities whilst looking after their kit. Meanwhile, we were sleeping on the filthiest mattresses in christendom and eating the scabiest food the cookhouse could issue. As for those poxy little spunk recepticles/ heaters in the sangars, half the time they didn't work. Also, if i remember correctly those sangars were insulated by porn mags, which explains the strange odours you mentioned earlier 8O

Apparently the most important bit of kit was your orders for opening fire in the FRG...So not the readers wives section then eh?


Knocker do you remember the shit that hit the fan, when the badge found a couple of rounds had everyone check there ammo, only to find that all rounds where accounted for, someone had brought a couple of extras just in case rounds went missing :)
god do i remember, doing the wood clearance before and after each shift, and the dumb arse yanks on the other side of the door where the SAT team sat, one sunday a hot air ballon landed in the site the yanks went mad crashed us out the cpl kicked the door open only to break the yanks nose on the other side, blood everywhere, later that night two yanks went to check the bunkers without telling us the towers all were cocked ready the sat crashed out two yanks totally smashed up by the sat team, when asked who attacked them they said did not know it was dark.

those were the days, when you saw rocky one at 0700 hrs and again when you came off stag you get to rocky 3 then u go out only to find bloody one back on when you get back again. and the little yank shop next to the school.


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We were on site guard when the late lamented Bobby Sands 'sadly' passed away after not eating for some time. We constructed a fake grave on the north side of the site complete with a wooden marker that had a few witty epitaphs scrawled on it.
A few of the Yanks on site claiming Paddy heritage (as most do) and complained to the OC who ordered us to take it down …wnaker.
I also celebrated my 21st there, not much drink was drunk.


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I did this...hideous experience.
Also one near Hameln when 12 Sqn were moved there. Poxy little compund in the middle of nowhere. That ring a bell with anyone? Iwent out for a run, got lost....runnning round the Fatherland in my shorts, it starting snowing....I was fukking blue by the time I got back. Not one of the bastardos was concerned...."thought you had gone for a long run Scouse..."...For 5 fukking hours!!!


Sennelager Site Guard 0300 hrs one morning early 80s. The casette player blaring out Madness, the Specials etc some septic stuck his head round the door and rather stupidly asked "Great sounds guys, go any Bad Manners"? The reply from a certain jock of "Aye F++k Off you stupid c+++" nearly sparked of WW3!
Was section commander doing the sweep round the compound with my section, just checking the extended line left and right when my radioman, who had gone through a tree gap in front of me, releases a tree branch into my face just as I looked forward, WOW! You think testicles are sensitive?? Fcuking eyeballs win every time!!


Did two site guards what fun. On the second one I got food poisoning and collapsed when doing a crash out to the rocket motor site (running with 351 on my back with the troopy and ground meets face, woke up in med centre)

Squadron 2 i/c visits me after 2 days in there and all he is worried about was my gat and where I had put it. Wtf I was rushed in unconcious I assumed one of the 30 or so other blokes would have that (turns out it was leaning against his desk in the opcentre)

The munitions bunkers near Hameln were at Hagenhausen (not sure of spelling). Used to get one supply of fodder a week when you were taken up and was upto you to feed yourself, hmmmm 4 blokes with no cooking skills and a freezer full of food. Last time I did it though the duty driver brought up each meal 'mmm lovely and cold and whatever was left at the hot plate'
The QRF got sent out to the perimiter on my stag one Sunday afternoon to check out some studenty type acting sus. He just kept walking away and no matter how much of my bestest German I uttered, he wouldn't stop.
Prob a complete bluff on my part (make that a deffo) but I thought I would send out the ultimate warning.
To this day, some fat sausage stuffing cubekopf will be thinking he just should have called my bluff to the Order

" Stop or I'll shit!" Oh how everyone laughed.


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Unfortunately I am a scaley but Munster Nord was a favourite with us as well. I remember being reminded by the sceptics, if you are bored do not put our weapon against your foot in towers 3 and 5 and pull the trigger to get a trip to hospital - a guy had done that apparently in tower 3 (armoured) and the round had bounced about a bit - it took a week to clean out the tower and repaint and replace the armoured glass - the poor sod on guard had to work from the sandbagged enclosure underneath
Radio check and phone check every 15 mins back to Portsmouth Bks in Munster, "Handorf School Line Check" Oh yes its very much stuck in the head 8O
105AVRE said:
THE PENTHOUSE!!! hehehe :soldier:
with that "je ne sais quoi" smell. 8O


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At one time I was undisputed trivial pursuit champion 1989 on account of doing 2 site guards with the same triv question pack and knowing the answers verbatim!!

Anyone got a google earth link to the site, I saw it on google earth a few years ago but despite repeated attempts this morning I couldn't find it. I found Handorf, where the school was, and Munster nord but I dont really know where the site was.


A_Knocker_Till_The_End said:
do you remeber the challenge :?: :?: :?: :?:

"halt, hands up"

"i recognise you as a member of the on-site guard, advance"

thats how bad it was, 17 yrs since i last did it & that terminology is still wedged in my mind.

spent 3 years on the bounce at that hell-hole all with 37 fd sqn.
Not the only one what a shit hole putting up with all the crap and bored out our skulls in the towers I think it was a ploy from CO 35 to keep us out of the Sqn Bar

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