Munster Nord - Site Guard

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Apr 1, 2006.

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  1. right chaps for the older & bolder of us who had the pleasure or mispleasure dependant on your view of stagging on in the towers & walking around those silo's. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    has anyone any good stories from what has to have been one of the most boring of jobs :?: :?:

    one of our lads (t~~y j~~~s) got caught in the inner sanctum with half a packet of polos in his pocket, & was beasted for a good couple of hours up & down the spiral staircase by the "goldfish bowl". 8O 8O 8O 8O

    the "lovely unforgetable smell" :oops: :oops: that radiated from the radiators in the towers.
  2. Was fortunate, or not, to partake in this little jaunt a couple of times (with 73 & 16 Sqns).
    During the first I was sent to walk outside of the fence to show the Yanks that at certain angles the pattern makes the fence appear solid. (2ic's idea! Nice one Capt J***son) I'd just got down to the first corner when I heard a weapon being cocked from the trees across the corner. First IA was cock weapon, hit the deck, prone position down, & start scanning the treeline. Laid there for a few minutes when one of our troopies comes leopard crawling up the inner track.
    "What's wrong"
    "Some f*ckers just cocked his gat sir"
    "You're f*cking joking. Where?"
    "Treeline across the corner"
    The Yank officer now appears & the lads in the towers start jumping up & down as there is movement in the treeline. Yankee doodle flips & starts radioing back to the goldfish bowl, well I think he calls up just about everyone baring the president. I move further up the fenceline to check the movement tower 2 is seeing. See nothing except the movement of the trees, well it is starting to get dark & everyone I know at sometime has challenged a tree or bush whilst stagging on in the dark. I just start checking for any movement down the road when the sound of about 5-6 weapons being cleared is heard. The Yank nearly faints then cocks his pistol & starts ranting "Come on you commie f*ckers I'm ready for this" at this the 2ic casually walks up the track & goes "I bet it's the Germans across the road I'll put a call in".
    What the dozy basta*ds had left out of our training was that behind the treeline across the road was the Boxhead equivalent of what we were guarding & just inside the fenceline at the opposite corner was a weapons pit, they were doing a guard change & the lads were clearing weapons etc on the handover. Bit long winded & probably a bit boring but the memory of the Yank still makes me chuckle, it took about 20 minutes before we could get him to put his weapon down & make it safe & I did get to have a look around the German place the next day (not that it was exciting, but I did get into one of the bunkers which was more than the yanks would ever do).
    Second time I did it 2 of us got caught listening to the FA Cup final (CoventryvTottenham) whilst in one of the towers. Made a few D's betting as the day stag watched a recording of the match later & I already knew the score. Bit sneaky but I shouldn't have been there in the first place as I was about to be posted to Brompton & some tosser 'hurt his foot' on the last day of training.
  3. do you remeber the challenge :?: :?: :?: :?:

    "halt, hands up"

    "i recognise you as a member of the on-site guard, advance"

    thats how bad it was, 17 yrs since i last did it & that terminology is still wedged in my mind.

    spent 3 years on the bounce at that hell-hole all with 37 fd sqn.

  4. That wasn't a Semen enriched smell by any chance :wink:
  5. I remember that place. Having to show your MOD90 to the goldfish bowl everytime you went in & out. Patroling the sangers to make sure the little iluminous arrows on the doors were in line. I had a stag in the workshops there once while some spam egghead was "tinkering" with a warhead just feet in front of me !!!! No fcuker sneezed or farted then I can tell you. I remember being billited at an old school or was that border patrol ? Why the fcuk the yanks could,nt guard the fcuker themselves instead of making a fortnight of my life miserable I,ll never know !!

    Regards LT.
  6. Minetapemuncher wrote

    i believe that substance may have added to the somewhat pungent aroma 8O 8O 8O 8O
  7. LoneTree wrote

    yeah that's where we holed up also, although you only really went there to get your head down & do the external perimeter fence checks :( :(

    ain't that the truth :!: :!: :!: :!:
  8. Thats it, the old school. With 2 resident chunkys and thier disgusting exuses for defence animals that used to wander around & sh1t everywhere. They must of been popular to cop a posting like that !!!!!!

  9. you've hit the nail on the head there fella, guess they were left to rot at that place by their own units 8O 8O 8O 8O
  10. Handorf school...10 mins away where the BAT live? lol SAT in the wire in that poxy little brick shed....yeah...went there a few times :roll:
  11. Can vaguely remember the longest ever game of Risk, lasting the entire week of the site guard; can't remember whether it was Munster Nord (26 Sqn) or Hamer Menden (29 Sqn). The lads felt a bit guilty about the state of the game at the end and all chipped in for a new one, but the cash went behind the squadron bar on return, much to my good lady's disgust! The original game still gets used by the kids a good few years on.

    It was great for morale to hand over Hamer Menden to the same company of infantrymen, during the Granby build up when 7 Bde claimed to be too busy!

    We had the pleasures of guarding them because they where ours, but the Yanks did not seem to trust the Brits with actually looking after them.
  12. you must have plucked that name from the back of the ol' grey matter fella, i could never have remembered the name of the school :D :D :D :D
  13. i'm certain that use to be one of the questions they use to ask you when the test visit happened..remember trying to memorise all the answers?lol :) what are you guarding?remember? :wink:
  14. i spent 3 birthdays in a row at that sh1te hole, including my 18th :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  15. wasn't the answer...classified material?...mmmm :?