Discussion in 'Travel' started by 762baynet, Mar 7, 2008.

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  1. Situation FF; stag weekend at the above location.
    Situation En; They will be in Barcelona, no need to worry about them.
    Mission; To organise a daytime 'activity' for 12 blokes in order that a good weekend is had.

    Anyone know Munich at all? Suggestions? Someone else has been tasked with evening stuff but any int would be welcome.
  2. Agree with TheBigUn, Hofbrauhaus is a must. Couple of strip clubs in close proximty.
  3. That should do nicely.
    I was hoping that we could get to the Nordschliffe and get him in a ring taxi, but it is just too far to go.
  4. Many moons ago I used to visit Munich regularly and may favorite for lunch was the Lowenbrau Kellar, beer good, excellent food and all served by those excellent bavarian waitresses
  5. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator


    I bought my Tracht this weekend.. A munich we will go, a munich we will go..

    If the S/Party c/s is still up for info, email me numbers/dates etc. I have three friends living there.
  6. I'm only about 8 years too late but just in case you never went, i definitely wouldn't go now
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