Situation FF; stag weekend at the above location.
Situation En; They will be in Barcelona, no need to worry about them.
Mission; To organise a daytime 'activity' for 12 blokes in order that a good weekend is had.

Anyone know Munich at all? Suggestions? Someone else has been tasked with evening stuff but any int would be welcome.
That should do nicely.
I was hoping that we could get to the Nordschliffe and get him in a ring taxi, but it is just too far to go.
Many moons ago I used to visit Munich regularly and may favorite for lunch was the Lowenbrau Kellar, beer good, excellent food and all served by those excellent bavarian waitresses

Mr Happy

Mr_Deputy said:
Some crackin' lasses in Munich. Love those 'typische' wench dresses an all.

I bought my Tracht this weekend.. A munich we will go, a munich we will go..

If the S/Party c/s is still up for info, email me numbers/dates etc. I have three friends living there.

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