Munich hic!

Discussion in 'Travel' started by five-minute-fagbreak, Jul 15, 2010.

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  1. Going to Munich for a long weekend with me son (24) the week after the beer fest, intend to go to the B.M.W. museum on the friday, any advice on Bars, blokey tourist things to do on the Friday night, Saturday/Satuday night ? No Gay bars or places that I might need treatment for afterwards please!
    Was in BAOR for four years but never went to Munich, cheers!

    (Staying right in the centre near the brewery)
  2. The erotic museum just up from the Feldherrnhalle is worth a visit as is the Hofbrauhaus which is a site to behold! The city square by the Rathaus is always full of street entertainers and the Rathaus clock is a work of art, both are just round the corner from the Hofbrauhaus. Dachau isn't too far away either if you have a car.
  3. You mean the Marienplatz, loads of good boozers, cracking night out but a bit pricy,
  4. Definitely the Hofbrauhaus - it is heaving from operners to chucking out time, so accept the queue with good grace and keep drinking once sat. They used to throw you out if you were wasting table space by just sitting there drinking in only the atmosphere. Be astounded by the buxom jungfrauen carrying your weekly dose of the brewer's finest in their strong hands. Be deafened by the oompah band. Be amazed that you know all the words to the drinking songs in a passable Bayern accent after a couple of litres. Be totally legless after the most fun pub time you will have had in ages!
  5. Excellant train to Dachau (unless your in a cattle truck) and a free bus takes you to the camp-I suppose the same arrangements as 70 years ago, only we got to leave.
  6. That made me chuckle! might just do it as well
  7. Bring Lederhosen, Prost!