Munich and Berlin

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Contrarian, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. Soon I will be doing a trip from Munich to Berlin with a couple of nights in each place.

    Are there any suggestions about must things to see (going to the science museum in Munich) in Berlin and Munich (considering we've only got two days in each) and where the best places to drink are. In particular, I'm looking for a good traditional drinking house in Munich. Not too rough mind, as I'll be with a family member.

  2. Lot of good boozers around the Marien Platz, used to be a great place in the Vienstr allee just to the left as you look at the Rathause, (The Place with the magic clock) Dachau consentration camp worth a visit, get the tram from city centre, just up the road, The world famous Hofbrauhause is worth a visit but the prices are steep have a nice time


    to many thing to do in just a cople of days, Checkpoint Charlie,The Brandenburger gate, loads and loads of class, but not cheap boozers the British was cemetary is a very though provoking place, thr Russian war mem. the Russian war cem in Treptow Parkis impresive Scarlotenburg is the red light area and on and on, the Reichstag, the Zoo the Kaiser Willhelm Kirche ect
  3. I agree, Scarlotenburg is the red light district and best avoided in your case. However, if you notice a stop on the U-Bahn called Charlottenberg then I suggest you take it, excellent shopping, museums and restaurants. You're family friend will thank you for it.
  4. Best thing I saw in Berlin was a T-72 tank upended with its barrel stuck in the ground, painted bright pink. It had "The Pink Panzer" written on it.

    Made me chuckle...

    No idea where it was or if it's still there as I was on the S-Bahn at the time.
  5. In Berlin the Soviet War Memorial in Treptow is seriously worth a visit. There is a lot of dust in the air and it may affect your Hay Fever :(
  6. Checkpoint Charlie is now manned by Walts dresed as Russians and Americans though they all look turkish.
    It is average 6 euro's for a coffee but I did have a rather excellent kangaroo steak at the australien restaurant in the Sony Centre and watched Iron man in English.
  7. It looks like in Munich it will be Dachau, and the science museum, and beer in Marienplatz. In Berlin it's looking like a quick look at the Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie, and the Brandenburger Gate, with good time given to both the British War Cemetery and the Russian War Memorial. I'll try and hunt down that upturned tank and take photos. Later on I'll sneak out of the hotel and sample some of the night-life surreptitiously.

    Cheers fellas.
  8. the science museum in munich is definately worth it. (deutches museum?) ah, i could do with a nice glass of hellas right now....
  9. Yep, the Deutsches Museum. Looking forward to that.
  10. In Berlin, head to the Museumsinsel, an island with 5 museums, including the fantastic Pergamon.

    Go to the Fernsehturm (TV tower) for a cracking view of Berlin.

    Maybe head to the museum built underneath the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.... However you feel after the recent activities of the RSPs in Gaza, it is unlikely that you will make it through with dry eyes.

    As noted by tropper66, pay a visit to the British Cemetery in Charlottenburg. There are >3000 British and Commonwealth men buried there, including my Great Uncle who was shot down over Berlin in 1943.

    The various walking tours are worth doing, but that depends on what time of year you are going to be there, 'cos Berlin can be colder than a witch's teat.

    There are oodles of good bars and clubs in Berlin, and they are pretty cheap compared to other capitol cities, especially if you stay East...
  11. And a word of warning - if you feel like a bath at 2 in the morning in grotty charlotty - you can! In public - and its glass :oops:

    We were soldiers once - and young!
  12. Cheers Schleswig-Holstein.

    Is that public bath frequented by the fairer sex, or is it all meat and two veg? And, would you do it today?

    Also, forgot to ask. I understand that Munich has different beers to the rest of Germany (pils in Berlin?). Which beers are the finest in Germany?
  13. There were all whores :D Any way it was all hypothetical 8)

    In Muenchen the local stuff is Paulaner Pils. If you start drinking Weissen Bier your sh1tter will smell like a bad day at the Curry House International Festival of Wrecked Ring Pieces :D

    It is one helluv diet1
  14. Mate, that is a thread on its own :wink:

    When in Berlin, try the Berliner Weiss, either with or without syrup (green = woodruff, red = raspberry)... The locals sup it like mad.

    German beers are amazing, and moving to NI from Germany was really painful in beer terms. :cry:
    When I'm back, I hunt down Hasseroder...
  15. Quality information in a flash. A great Arrse quality (sometimes).