Munich: an Israeli walts tale

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Chinggis, Jan 17, 2006.

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  1. It seems that Steven Spielberg's new film “Munich”, which supposedly tells the story of the Israeli’s hunting down the Palestinian terrorists responsible for the Munich Olympics massacre in 1972, is a complete bag of b*llocks.

    It’s based on “The Sword Of Gideon” a book by one Yuval Aviv, who claimed to be one of the Mossad assassins involved in the op. But Mr Aviv, it seems, is a walt of the highest order. He never was in the Mossad, he was a gate guard for El Al in New York!

    Story here (sorry it’s from the Guardian!)

    Still, given the willingness of many septics to believe Hollywood’s versions of history, it will probably be believed and join the ranks of “historical” epics like “U-571” and “The Patriot”.
  2. The first victim in Hollywood is the truth.
  3. Last summer, they filmed a substantial part of this bit of "history" here on my little rock. The buggers disrupted nearly every walk of life with the blessing of the dollar-hungry Govt to make (what appears to be) a complete travesty. Anything not to upset His Highness Steve Speilberg.
    The irony was that whilst he was filming in the capital city, the flea market next to the site was selling pirate copies of his last film (name escapes me).
  4. The team they sent to track down the Palestinian terrorists weren't all Mossad.
    Someone came up with the bright idea of putting together a team to 'represent' the nation as a whole, including, a female secretary with no relevant experience whatsoever.
    Its no wonder the op failed so catastrophically.
    Shame really, as tracking down and killing terrorists without the whole 'three ring circus' that a trial and subsequent prosecution entails, is a winning idea in my book.
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  6. Well, if the thread is going to have bits deleted that refer to the originators post, why on earth do we bother posting at all? I mean, if it's off thread okay, but it wasn't was it?
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    Yes it was, "u571 was based in truth wasn't it", "welcome back neocon" etc... It was so off-thread it was like standing in the middle of the desert wearing a red tunic trying to hide from Zulu's...
  8. Plenty of Israeli walts knocking about also (though not into re-enactment)!! The movie was quite entertaining if you ignored the political or moral dialogue and some of the scenes ref. the massacre itself looked quite factual from what is known.
    However, the film opens with the caption "Inspired by true events" or similar and the real facts of secret service operations will never be fully known and therefore the films will always reflect this.
  9. RTFQ


    I'm going to save ypu some money now at cinemas across the country. If a film starts with those words, or is rated a 12A, DO NOT WATCH IT. It may as well have "See? You didn't need to go to school after all" written before the credits and "will shield you from any meaningful emotion or uncomfortable sense of reality" in the parental guidance notes.
  10. What we need are subtitles, to translate the credits and dialogue from American into English.

    So "Inspired by true events" could be sub-titled as;

    "Utter B*ll*cks, beginning to end"
  11. I believe a British woman was killed in one of their botched-up revenge operations,wonder if that got a mention?
  12. They did not show all the 'hits', e.g. Lillehammer, just a 'selection' based on some of the major targets but excluding Salameh (who was assassinated in the late '70s).

    The more controversial the factual accuracy of the movie = more free PR for the film = more people that choose to view it.
  13. Arik,

    Do you happen to know the widespread Israeli civvie/military view on this? It'd be nice to know how it was thought of over there.
  14. People went to see the movie for the entertainment factor, this was an 'inspired by true events' (Hollywood) movie and therefore the factual aspects were always open to questioning.
    Also, many people felt that the movie had political connection / was made in light of Israel's recent / current policies, whereas the situation of the '70s was different and dealt with a different type of terror and counter terror policy, etc
  15. There's also the argument to be made that the story's meta-narrative is geared not towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict per se, but towards T.W.A.T. in the US instead.

    Presumably you will all have heard about it being nominated in the Best Picture category at the Oscars by now. I wouldn't give it very good odds of winning in view of the fact that the story of T6 and Neo_Con's "special friendship" is also nominated in that category.