Munich 1938 - a decent History programme

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by No.9, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. Can the Beeb still do decent History, or has it degenerated into 'celebrity' (note small 'c') gob-offs? Deep joy, looks like they still can.

    Saw the first of three episodes of 'Summits' on BBC4. First programme dealt with Munich '38 and a delight it was too. Preached neither up nor down, totally on topic, chronological, made points, asked questions, volunteered opinion with rationale, and entertained.

    Presented by David Reynolds. No he hasn't been in the BB house and I don't know (or care) if he can drive in a straight line. He works in a school named Christ's College and he teaches folk about history - in other words, he can be expected to have something say that is worth hearing. And, it's not Timewatch, it's Storyville - and not made for septics. :p


    10 out of 10? Err.....not quite, for me anyway, but a very good 9.4 . Arthur point off for a stereotypical portrayal of Mussolini. Not that I'm a fan or apologist for Musso, but I don't see a Chico Marx impression fitting in this context. And 0.1 off for personal presentation. Nice formal jacket, nice formal shirt - but no tie, old boy. 8O

    It's only a one hour programme so you can't exactly absorb this and sit for your BA, but for 60 minutes it does well.

    Couple more chances to view this on BBC4, Thursday 22:40 and Saturday 23:55. Episode two, next week, is Khrushchev-Kennedy 1961, and three is Gorbachev-Reagan 1985. Personally wish they'd also covered Yalta, but for that I'll have to read his book 'Summits: Six Meeting That Shaped the Twentieth Century' - (cheque in the post please Dave :wink: ).

    With the so-called UKTV History Channel now a boring balls of five-bob ads with some geriatric repeats interspersed, I think BBC4 progressively cuts the mustard for decent British history - you did see their recent season on British popular music didn't you? 8)


    ps. if any Beeb4 programmes read this, PLEASE re-run 'Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain'. You gave it one quick blast without repeat :x (course, if it was presented by Duchess Fry it would’ve been on six times a day, every day for a month :queen: )
  2. Yes - agree totally. Very good bit of telly - and what the BBC used to do very well. Funnily enough I also commented on his lack of a tie!
  3. Excellent programme, I loved the way he played both the main players, using their words, it seemed to add flesh to the bones. The presenter Prof David Reynolds is interesting and engaging, in the style of Richard Holmes, David Starkey etc.

    Next week Kennedy/Kruschev

    Available on Sky Plus series link.
  4. Ah you get all the good stuff, I have to pig it on History and Discovery Chanel's.