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Mundane News......


Book Reviewer
Steven said:
All the shops are closed tommorow here so I have to go shopping today.

To the Hole in 5 .. 4...... 3.......
Your in Germany arn't you.

I had to start a new bog roll this morning.


Book Reviewer
I'm having a nice cup of coffee, whilst eating a Green Triangle Quality Street Sweet from one of those big tins, you know, the big round tins, with the purple artwork and a small red 'Nestle' logo above the big 'Quality Street' wording. It's very pretty actually, not just because it contains sweets, but also because it shows colourful pictures of sweets around the outside too, with little stars and star bursts. Of course, getting the thing open was a bit of a drag, as I bite my finger nails. Mind you, with a little gentle persuasion, I managed to prize the lid off this morning and inhale the wonderful smell of chocolate sweets in their hundreds, all in pretty metallic wrappers.


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