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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dogmeat, Mar 17, 2013.

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  1. One big 'like' for that one! ;-)
  2. Class, pure class, I don't think even Fortitude Valley gets that picturesque, not by day anyway. Is the harlot an actual woman? Is she winking at the camera in the second pic? I almost posted the sequence but common sense intervened just in time...
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  3. Fortitude Valley! Lived in New Farm for a while, got on the piss one night at the Brunswick and ended up banging a hooker around the back of the Church up the street. Ahhh, sweet memories Mark. (sniff)
  4. I go way on an all expense paid 'business trip', come back and this is what my fellow arrsers have to offer.

    "Well played Sirs!"

    Some things never change.
  5. Welcome back BB, I hope the locals were their usual cheery selves. I too lived in New Farm for 9 years, I think that church is now an art gallery *snigger* and the harlots certainly used to lurk outside the Brunswick St. laundromat all day and tell the punters to fuck off when they wanted to get their washing done.

    Luckily my apartment block had a washing machine in the basement, and the Fitzgerald Inquiry put paid to the more brazen craziness. Bloody wowsers.
  6. I'd be fucking off anyway once they pulled out their stinking nickers for a rinse! I only moved to Sydney last June, was in Brisbane and surrounds from '93. Worked as the projectionist at the old Villiage Twin for two years until it closed down in 2000, then worked at the new Palace Centro cinemas for ten years. May have crossed paths at one time without realising it if that was the same time frame.
  7. The Valley is still fucking classy. I actually stopped pinching a car to watch some scungy derro woman piss in a garden bed that was next to a cafe. After old lovey pulled her tweeds up and staggered off, a gin sat up out of the mulch and started screaming abuse.

    Mate of mine sprung an abo shitting in the gutter and snuck up and shoved the cunt back in it.

    The Valley is fucking lush.

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  8. I pay extra for that service in sydney.

    Is the Red Garter still there? Many a happy hour in there......
  9. I think it's called 'Love and Rockets' now, still wall-to-wall sleaze though. Allegedly.
  10. And Bad Girls before that. Went to the "platinum" Bad Girls on a mates bucks night. It was shit. Watching junkies staggering around on stage whilst sipping my $5 glass of coke.

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  11. More 'small world' info.....My mate I camped with for a while, his mum owned the Red Garter. I'm sure it was where the Beat Nite club is now on Ann St.
  12. So where exactly in Scumchester is that then? Just curious like.
  13. Other side of the planet Civvy.
  14. Think it's Temperance street ARDWICK! Ho the double irony.