Mums sell pupils pies to defy Jamie Oliver

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, Sep 16, 2006.

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  1. Parents feed pupils through gates

    Your thoughts?

    I say well done to the mums, this nannying has gone way too far.

    When I was at school, a decade ago, I went to the chippy or Greggs every day and it never did me any harm.
  2. Ignorant, disrespectful, stupid women. If you look at the BBC footage you will notice that the school borders a cemetary and the disrespectful fat cows are stood taking food orders standing inside the cemetary.

    Lets hope they are not trapsing over the grave of a fallen soldier :x

    Oh, and another thing; keep feeding them that shite and that's where the kids will end up sooner than expected.
  3. Well done Fishfingers, I could not have put it better. Sadly these pathetic apologies for the human race, in which they have obviously come last, are not just feeding shite food to their own children - they are feeding shite food to other people's children as well. It has taken years to get the standard of school catering raised, and it is worth remembering that for many deprived kiddies it is just about the only food that passes for a proper meal in their lives. The last thing we , and the kids, need is a bunch of IQ Zeros undoing the good work.
  4. The best part was listening to the Chav of a women nattering on about how she was 'only giving them what they want'. They may want it, but fish and chips everyday is not in their best interests, and adults (not to mention ******* parents) should be well aware of that and not undermining the idea that a healthy diet is important.
  5. I love the 'bingo wings' on the fat feckers as they are taking the orders thru' the fence!
    Taz_786 It may not have done you any harm but i reckon you are a lot more active than the kids knocking about these days.
    Rotherham eh!
    One of them is on the Beeb this morning to give her side.
    Be interesting
  6. One of the 'ladies' was on R5 Live yesterday and declined to say where she had 'borrowed' the shopping trolley they were carting the scran around in.
  7. Oh really? so the school has now placed a ban on a healthy packed lunch? The mother can't afford £6 - £7 a day for lunches? how much does fish and chips twice cost nowadays? :roll:
  8. The same as if you said it once!

    Im glad they are taking so much unpaid leave from work to push stolen shopping trollies thru' cemetries to take the orders tho'. They should be given a medal! :p
  9. That statement sums up these people.

    So does this.......'Pig ignorant white trash'.
  10. £7? Got Lobster sandwichs in your packed lunch did you? :p

    It wouldnt cost more than one or two quid, a sandwich or two, small bottle of Evian mineral water, bag of crisps or one of those cereal bar thingys.

    Are you joking, unpaid leave? From what, being on benefits?
  11. Yes i am joking me old china plate :D
  12. Says it all I think! pathetic parents,the type of trash that charge into the school like maternally enraged gorillas if their 'kids' are disciplined for misbehaviour.
    Total scumbags.
  13. Then you should of added more sarcastic smilies then, the bloody cheek of you! :x

  14. I saw some lardy arse mum being interviewed on the TV who brought her son some lardy food, she said:

    "did now't t' me this food"

    Err - go and look in the full size mirror darling though I.

    Laugh - I howled!!!