Mums police check for school run

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by msr, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. I have been going through the canadian immegration web site! It's just got totally bonkers here.
  3. Yep, its the same in Jockland - Disclosure Scotland.

    Might be your own child but you have "access" to other children.

    I think its a good thing as too many paedos gravitate to and hide within jobs/orgs where thay have access to kids on a daily basis.

    Sad state of affairs that this is now the case but it puts the kids first. Its gone to the other extreme where no checks were done.
  4. She doesn't have "access" to other chidren, it's a ride in a taxi for God's sake
  5. Sparky has got it - when such children are transported to/from school by taxi or whatever, it is more often than not that the vehicle will do a circuitous route and pick up at least two children. Sometimes it is several in a minibus. Nobody would dream of suggesting that the mother needs a police check to accompany her own child, but she would get access to other peoples children. For that reason, checks have to be made. Sadly, I can think of quite a few parents who should not have had access to their own children, let alone someone else's.

    Of course, the media chose to only tell those facts that illustrated the biased story they wanted to put out.

    So, no change there from usual then.
  6. Cabbies should be made to have them too,gruff voices and Frank Butcher style 'bins,very dodgy indeed.
  7. Simple...the Council are wrong they said "persons" trying to be clever and educated, when they should have simply said "people".

    She should sue them for providing unintelligable English, and not using Welsh ( she should ask for all corresponence in Welsh, even if she doesn't use/speak it, this was used to great effect by a pal of mine in Ireland), and the fear of excommunication from which ever political quango they all aspire to should sort this simple problem out.

    Or just take the council to the Euro Court of Human Rights, which would also do the trick. Poor lady, what a load of Stalinist/Brownish crap, all puns intended.

    To those of you who think this service should be denied while the "checks" are made, I say this.

    Use your common sense. "Check" her, but let her take her bairn to school in the mean time, assuming, probably correctly, that she is not a Sataninst paedophile.

    If she turns out to be one, then hang, draw and quarter her, in front of all the children, who will cheer and applaud, presumabely...what could be simpler?
  8. What a load of old cobblers. I hope the same council is checking out all the churches and doing CRB checks on the priests then !!
  9. Any adult acting as an escort will, in the public gaze, be viewed as acting with the full acquiescence of the council and hence with its implied authority.

    "For the protection of the council and all vulnerable persons in its care it's essential all those endowed with an authority, implicit or explicit, should meet the security requirements within the transport contract provisions."

    So in effect its got fack all to do with the lad and everything to do with the Council playing CYA. They really need a very large, prize winning leek stuffed up their arrses. I loathe these barstewards and .....

    Rant off!
  10. Interesting - I didn't know you could get correspondence in Welsh if you live in Ireland ;)

    ... aside from that I agree with you - she is registered as his carer for goodness sake!

    ... stretching this point, parents would not be allowed to drive or walk their children to school until they had been subjected to a CRB check :roll:

    This PC control freakery suggests that anyone taking their children to school is and unfit carer unless cleared by the CRB ... what next - potential parents being vetted to ensure that they are fit to have children?