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Discussion in 'Poetry Corner' started by caulkhead, Dec 29, 2008.

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  1. When I first deployed on Telic my mum wrote this peom...


    The box office has been open for quite a while,
    A production that’ll not create smiles.
    The theatres vast,
    With thousands of cast.
    But you’re well rehearsed, my soldier nurse.

    You step on the stage, the lights are bright,
    Your stomach tightens, do you fight or flight.
    Stage fright subsides,
    You know you’re in for a very long ride.
    Take heart, you’re well rehearsed, my soldier nurse.

    Your role’s a serious one indeed,
    Many will rely on you when in need.
    Treat their wounds, treat their souls,
    All in the world are acting out roles.
    But do not fear, you’re well rehearsed my soldier nurse.

    This global stage, in stark limelight,
    You’re there to help and put things right.
    Make the most of an interval,
    Create in your head a sanctuary hall.
    Remember, you’re well rehearsed my soldier nurse.

    Times will come, you’ll want to cry,
    Why do so many have to die.
    But you’re a nurse and must be strong,
    Stronger in mind like the fighting throng.
    Go through the motions, you’re well rehearsed my solder nurse.

    My daughter, my daughter,
    I know you’ll not falter.
    Fathers and mothers,
    Sisters and brothers.
    All rehearsed, my soldier nurse.

    This play will not an ending hath,
    We all do tread the circular path.
    At joy at birth, and our final rest,
    Take your life and do your best.
    My soldier nurse, my soldier nurse.
  2. Tissue anyone?
  3. Very fitting. Especially with what is going on in Herrick at the moment.

    Well done to our fellow AMS...all capbadges and jobs