Mummy - Please send some food!


Is anybody else out there spitting with the whinging coming from the Gulf?

GMTV had a mother and wife on dripping that their little boy wasn't getting enough food, to prove the point they had a basket filled with 'Pot Noodle' and bog roll.  Eamon then adds that the boys haven't even got electricity in their tents!  

Well F**K Me what ever next.  Falklands vets and our Grandfathers must be laughing into their soup.  Last time I looked there was bog roll in every 24 hr rat pack.

The Mail is even paying £10 for every E Mail whinge.

Stop whining to your Mums, you debase the Army and yourselves, lets consider how our betters coped in previous conflicts, without electricity in their tents!  :-X


Stop whinging - this is the British Army, of course they will whinge, and stop believing everything you read in the paper.
If there is electricity available and you ain't got it I am sure you would whinge as well.
the falklands had enough problems supplying electricity consistently, when they sent me back in '84, so i wouldn't worry about it too much


That's OK for you sitting back there with your feet up watchin morning telly.  Every morning I've to get up, wash, eat and sit in the sun for at least 8 hrs topping up my tan!   I'm fed up chasin' gerbils and fancying the fat lass from the EFI, who looks better every day!
Hardship? You don't know the meaning of the word!
Are these all just young soldiers complaning?

Have the troops got most of what they need?

Is the mail getting through?

If we're sharing the supply chain, are there any carriers that are doing discounts for forces packages?

Royal Mail, Fedex, UPS? Does anyone know?


If the troops aren't moaning then there is something up! Like letters said in the Sunday Bollox, they are ok and are waiting for the off.

In GW1, it was the same, chicken curry for 3 months and the only female in view was the mongrel dog the lads got in Kuwait City. (When they say love your dog- they dont mean LOVE your dog!)

I am sure the further rearward you go the more winging there is, as one of the posts said, if its there they will want it!
It's one ting to whine that theair conditioning in your tent doesn't work (sic), but something else when you only get one decent meal a day. I wouldn't call making a valid complaint that you only get one meal a day "whining", especially when these same troops may be expected to go into battle in 10 days or less if press reports are to be believed. It isn't exactly a recent development to send care packages to soldiers on operations, but it is entirely somethign else when basic food supplies have to be posted because rations are so scarce.


I thought that all the stuff in the news was media drivel and that a couple of nigs had been taken out of context.

But I was wrong.

My brother (Sgt) has just sent me an E-bluey from Q8 and claimed that due to there not being enough food around, they had to miss an evening meal.

Even if this was a one off, then this is disgusting that we can't provide for our guy's over there.

I used to genuinely believe that the British Armed forces were one of the best in the world.  We have now been reduced to a laughing stock along side the spams who are apparently more than adequately looked after.

It worries me that with deficiencies with simple things like food and clothing now in the collective environments in Q8, what will the state of affairs be like when units are, far forward if we finally do go into war fighting.

Tony Blair should divert some of the money spent on making asylum seekers comfortable to the services, you never know, it might even get him re-elected.
I couldn't help laughing when a letter published in yesterdays Mail on Sunday quoted a serving son as writing home "Having to cadge food off the Americans - you can see why they're all mad - cos of the food they eat, it's rubbish" or something like that, anyway. The letter then said "Please send me some Pot Noodles". Hmmmmmm erm, like Pot Noodles are any more nutritious than American rations??????  ::),1&lid=804,811&fn=2&q=

Hopefully that link works.......

Britain needs YOU! To pack fudge ;) or something....


The man himself got his first phonecall in a month, home toady. He said " why the **** is everybody going on about us not having enough food? This is cock, yes, but we are all being fed and are getting ready to go to war!" Quote un quote, horses mouth and all of that. He also said that the conditions generally weren't as bad as the exercises he has been on.

He has requested a thorough inspection when he gets home to make sure no sand is anywhere it shouldn't be! I think he was aware the phone call was being monitored, so I am sure you can guess what the above translates to! But if he has got that on his mind at least I know he's being fed and watered!

Anyway, I am going to smile thinking of that one and only call and I do feel that some things have got a bit out of proportion now. But lets hope they are all home soon to tell us their tales of woe! ::)


Hey is that the same Lucy that ragged me over my Flintstones and Borrowers post!

Good to hear that all is improving in your world (for you and your chap).  I agree with the sentiment that they all come home safe whether they've been to Burger King or not!




Hearing it from the horses mouth and not the welfare offrs ass - helps ones peace of mind. know what I mean!

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