Mummy or Daddy?

A city banker was pulled over in his Ferrari and breathalysed, the test was positive enough for him to be taken back to the police station for a blood test.

The blood test was also positive so the custody sergeant told him he would have to spend the night in the cells and that they were so busy he would have to share.

They put him in with the biggest and blackest guy the banker had ever seen.....
Just after the cell door shut the black guy lifted his head of his pillow looked the banker up and down and said “when the lights go out you and me will be playing Mummies and Daddies and you have to choose either you’re going to be Mummy or you’re going to be Daddy and I don’t care which one you choose.

The thought of this left the banker shuddering with fear, his mind raced at the thought of stories he had heard of prison life, he was terrified he was going to get something he didn’t want....

10 o’clock the lights went out.

The black guy said “ well what are you going to be Mummy or Daddy”

The banker thought he was being smart when he replied “I’ll be Daddy”

Ok said the black guy “come over here and suck Mummies cock”
Old joke :roll:

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