Mumbling midget

One morning, a stud farmer gets a visit from a midget wanting to buy a horse. It soon becomes obvious that the little guy has a bad speech impediment.

"Can I thee a female horth?" he asks.

The stud owner leads one out and shows the midget the hoofs and legs.

"That'th a thtrong looking horth for thure," says the little guy, nodding his head. "Can I see her mouf?"

Puzzled as to how the tiny man will ride the animal, he picks him up by his braces and shows him the horses mouth.

"Nith, healthy looking horth," agrees the midget, "now move me round to her eerth ..."

Getting a little annoyed, the owner lifts him up one more time to look at the horses ears.

The midget says, "That'th great ... now can I thee her twot?"

With that the owner picks up the midget and shoves his head right up the horses vagina, waits a minute, then pulls him out.

The little guy stumbles around wet and dazed, "Perhapth I thould have thed, can I thee her wun awownd a widdle bit?" he splutters.
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