Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fatarse, Nov 29, 2008.

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  1. Any Mumbai jokes floating around ..........?
  2. I got a text message yesterday
    "Just got back from Mumbai-Feck me that Hotel murder mystery weekend was a bit over the top"
  3. Inspired by recent attacks in Mumbai, Islamic extremists have turned their militant eye upon Bradford, and are hunting down anyone with a British passport. The police are on standby, but so far the terrorists are stumped.
  4. I signed upto Sky the other day to watch the cricket in a couple of weeks, imagine my sadness to find it's now been cancelled! To add insult to injury, when I rang upto complain, no-one picked up the phone!
  5. Sorry I missed the first posts as I was watching pot black on Sky
  6. NEWS FLASH!!!

    The Irish SAS have just stormed Mumbai National Zoo and are leading out the unharmed Otriches as you read.
  7. I have just got back home after three hours in the company of a Injun and a Paki. As you can imagine the jokes were not forthcoming. They did agree on one thing though, "It's all the fault of the British"
  8. DD, you're really not very funny. :roll:
  9. What is it with Indian call centres these days? You should have heard the abuse I got when I enquired if if I could reserve a non-smoking hotel room for my trip to Mumbai...
  10. I think its time this was holed.

    Trying to watch an American tell jokes is more cringeworthy than watching Ken Bigley having his napper removed
  11. Man walks into the exclusive restuarant of a 5 star hotel in Mumbai, and askes the maitre " Do you have a chicken tarka?" After some polite headwobbling, the maitre, a local of course, says " I'm very sorry Sahib, but I don't know what a chicken tarka is". The man took a sip from the magic lassi on the table and said " It's like a chicken tikka, only otter". Then the shooting started.
  12. I didn't wanna go as far as that VG, but fair enough.

    Anyway, back on topic:

    All I've been hearing the past couple of days is Mumbai this and Mumbai that. Looks like Dad's are having a cheap Christmas!
  13. Not likely with jokes like that.

    May I suggest suicide?
  14. Motion seconded.

    Apparently British tourists in Mumbai were locked in their hotel bathrooms for two days during the shootings. No change there then.
  15. You're not very funny are you?