Mumbai Airport Transfers

Discussion in 'Travel' started by redshift, May 11, 2013.

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  1. Hello ARRSErs,

    I need to go to Hyderabad, India from here in London for a short biz trip (~3days) and since there was no direct flight available on the days (or possibly, more like too expensive for my company rules) they put me on a flight to Mumbai (BOM) with a connecting flight to Hyderabad (HYD).

    The thing is, there is barely a 2hr connection time difference between me landing in BOM to me boarding the domestic flight to HYD, having just read some forums which say you need a minimum of 3+hrs to transfer. I had no clue that the 2hrs would be tight (if anything, thought the otherway since I've never been to BOM), so was just wondering if any of you ARRSE folk had any inputs with regards to BOM transfers? I've Googled a bit, BOM looks like your worst nightmare...........

    Any tips and advice much appreciated.


    p.s: If it helps, I am on a U.S. passport w/ Indian biz visa (what a cluster **** that was -> another story for another time)
  2. You're f*cked basically.
  3. Your doubly fucked, an Indian internal flight is the stuff of nightmares.
  4. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Watch out for anyone wearing a captains uniform sleeping in first class!!

    Btw I concur - you are so screwed...
  5. Best advice is route to a UAE/Qatar airport and onward direct to Hydrabad from there. You WILL miss your flight with only a 2hr transfer time at any Indian airport. Plus make sure that you have at least 4 copies of all travel docs including visa. It is another world.
  6. Be careful not to step in anything, and take your own portaloo!
    And please come back and tell us how you got on.....I need a good laugh!
    If it helps, Ganesh takes euros and US dollars.
  7. Very encouraging. 8O

    I think I will ask my travel desk to re-route me then via some other place. The main reason I accepted this flight in the first place was it was quite convenient in terms of my schedule (leaving LHR at about 9:30pm). Things are never quite simple are they?

    Anyways, thanks for the input. Appreciate it.
  8. Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is the second busiest in India and an absolute nightmare: it handles about 710 flights in 24 hours with two cross runways. It is so bad that the majority of international Airlines flying to this airport carry at least an extra hour of fuel to be safe. Even worse is the domestic flights, most are operated by Jet Airways using worn out planes. The food is shite, staff are rude and lazy and they never operate to schedule. As for a 2 hour transfer – forget it – expect it to take between 3 and 4 hours to do the transfer security checks. Beware of scams to relieve you of your money at this airport!!! Add to which the whole place is filthier than a Somalian squatter shitter so pack a large tin of insect repellent, forget the deodorant……. The mosquitoes are very aggressive. As for the toilets, indescribably most filthy which I've ever been confronted and with a 'Notip' employee standing guard at the door handing out.....wait for it.......1 (one) count it, one square of toilet tissue to all comers. When I asked for more, he held out his hand and said 'thikarek', which I took to mean 'cigarette'. He counted out 5 and gave me 5 more squares. It was then that I realised that 'Notip' was not the contracting firm to Bombay Airport, but an admonition not to tip. I felt had no choice.

    Seriously if you are travelling through Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, wear a mask, carry your own food, bring plenty of wet and dry tissues (because you will find none anywhere, even the toilets cause Indians to wash their backsides with water after having a shit), and most of all try your best not to touch anything. Get in, get processed, and get the hell out ASAP! Also a prayer or two would help to get you through the ordeal.

    Sincerest advice, get your flight changed to one that transfers in the Gulf States - at least you will not catch some weird unpronounceable disease.
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  9. Where would we be without her cutting and pasting? Walting as Toyah Wilcox, that takes the biscuit.
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  10. That sounds worse than being in a war zone! Yep- looks like a new flight via DXB will have to do then, even if it's a 4+ hour layover. Well, guess I could always kill the time in the "Irish pub" they have in one of the terminals. Too bad I don't have any status with EK.....
  11. More confidence inspiring news:

    An Air India flight was forced to land after the pilot was locked out of the cockpit during a toilet break, the airline says.
    He was unable to gain access to the cockpit because of a jammed door.
    Flight AI 403, which was travelling from Delhi to Bangalore, was diverted to Bhopal Airport on Monday.
    The airline has been plagued by financial difficulties in recent years, with its 787 Dreamliner jets grounded in January by safety concerns.
    "The commander of the flight had left the cockpit for a short while to visit the toilet and on returning to the cockpit found the door locked. The door had got jammed and all efforts to open the door even from inside by the co-pilot failed," an Air India statement said.
    "The co-pilot, after taking permission from ground control, diverted the flight to Bhopal and 1755 hrs."
    The door was fixed by ground maintenance engineers and the plane continued its journey less than three hours later, Air India adds.
    The state-run airline is currently investigating a separate incident in which the auto-pilot system of Airbus 321 flying from Bangkok to Delhi on 12 April was accidently switched off.
    According to the Mumbai Mirror, two pilots had taken a 40-minute break from the cockpit and left two stewardesses in their seats to operate the plane in their absence.
    One of the stewardesses accidentally turned off the auto-pilot, forcing the pilots to rush back to their seats, the report said.
    Air India has denied this account but said cabin crew did "overstay" in the cockpit and that the autopilot was briefly disconnected "due to distraction".
    Meanwhile, Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh said on Tuesday that all six of Air India's Boeing 787 Dreamliner passenger jets would resume flying by the end of May, starting with a domestic flight on Wednesday.
    The planes have been grounded worldwide since the beginning of the year over a string of incidents, including fuel leaks, a cracked cockpit window, brake problems and an electrical fire.
    However, it is overheating in batteries providing auxiliary power that has caused the most concern.
    Mr Singh also said he expected the airline to make a net loss of about 40bn rupees ($730m) for the current fiscal year ending March 2014, compared with about 52bn rupees in the previous year.

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  12. Mumbai airport is an absolute shit hole.

    I've never witnessed so many blokes producing so much phlegm and casually spitting it onto the tiled floors before.

    Take a travel chair with you as all of the internal airport seating will be taken up by Indian males lying full stretch across them - and that's just the airport staff!

    To sum up, the place is a ******* hovel of biblical proportions and needs cleansing with fire.