mum wont let me.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by easy-wan-kenobi, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. right iv got a mate who is pretty much a squaddie minus the uniform. (hes a stinking civvie student.) he stands out a mile as a recruiters wet dream and i personally think hed fit right into army life. hes always expressed an interest into the forces and now since he has finished his degree and no work is about for him, he has been asking me more and more about army life.

    he got all the brouchures and info and has been looking into it but his mother stopped him on the spot and has disallowed him from ever joining up. now i know that some arrsers out there would backhand the bitch and crack on but this woman is pretty fearsome.

    she doesnt want him dying on a road in iraq or afgan, fair one but there is much more to the army than that.

    i know there is no way of avoiding these places during these times that we are currently in but how can i sell the army as a good career to a stubborn civvie mother ignorant to the army and overprotective of her child.

    your help please ladies and gentlemen

  2. Well, if he has a degree, he must be at least 21.

    Therefore, his mum cannot legally stop him....
  3. cut the apron strings................................. soonest
  4. she cant stop him but this woman is a mega battleaxe.

    she would disown him! and make his life hell, trust me!
  5. WIFE by the sounds of her not a mother
  6. My parents are the opposite, they almost threatend to disown me when I didn't go into the regular army!!

    He needs to do what he wants, if he wants to join the army then that's what he should do, sometimes your family have to come second!! If they love that much then they will support him in what ever his decision!
  7. Is she going to interfere in every aspect of his life??

    No you can't marry her, no you can't have a fast car, no you can't go to Glastonbury etc etc.

    Sounds like he's better off on his own to be honest Easy....
  8. Easyonekonobi wrote
    And this would be a problem for him because....?

    If he joined she might throw a strop, but she would soon come round especially when it was time to buy a new frock for the pass out parade.
  9. I would start by getting him to visit you at your base for a weekend. Let him hang about with you and your mates and see what it is like, that would give him an an insight. Moms are protective, I was lucky and came from an Army family so it was ok for me. I too have had some difficult conversations with my ex wife as my lad is 9ys of age and so keen to join the Army / Marines / RAF and is forces mad. My ex wants me to discourage it as I served and was injured overseas which ended my career. Having said that whilst not pushing my lad I am fully supportive of his career aspirations. At the end of the day if your mate is going to do it he must have the strength of character to explain to his mom that he needs to do this and begin the recruitment process. You say he has a degree so the AFCO may try and push him down the DE commissioned route. In my training I had a great friend who came from a family of pacifist tree hugging lefties who virtually disowned him. He made a new family of brothers in the firm and took to military life so well. H eis now married and his own family and is a great guy. His parents see him more now and the rift has healed over time. Good luck to your mate whatever he decides.
  10. I wouldn't even bother trying to convince her, he'll either join or he won't. If he does fine, if doesn't both he and the forces will cope. If he wants to but doesn't because him mom won't let him then he's better off staying at home and looking after mummy and warming her feet on his lap by the fire til he's old, alone and murdering young women in the shower.
  11. i said the same. she is an interfering old cow.

    shes been ruling his life since birth and if he dips out now he feels like he would be betraying her. ideally she should stand by him but with this weeks fatalities it has given her extra reason to stop him.

    how can i prove the army is more than iraq and afgan! my own tales of derring do are all drink related. even the new army adverts put her off. (i quite like them actually!)

  12. he must go but I would imagine a bit of a culture shock at first, sounds like he is gagging to get away from Mum
  13. Take her to your base for a weekend. Feed her copious amounts of drink and see if takes a shine to any of your mates. Is she single ?
  14. she would eat you alive 58 pat

    her nightmares are scared of her
  15. To be honest, if those Army adverts existed when I joined in '97, I would've probably joined the army rather than the navy.

    If he doesn't join, it'll niggle him for the rest of his life and he'll hate her for it. However, if he does join she will come around after a while. If she doesn't, she's not fit to be a parent....

    FFS, Did she ban him from going on the tube after July 7th last year as well?