Mum this is going to be hard for you to read.

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Gobbly wobbly, Nov 16, 2011.

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  1. 'Hello mum, this is going to be hard for you to read ...' - Home News - UK - The Independent

    I was going to apologise in case this had been posted before, but sod it, it needs to be posted often to remind cold war warriors like myself what the consequences are for those families who see their 19 year old sons go to war.

    I read his final letter to his family and thanked god that my son (9 not 19) was upstairs in bed pretending to be asleep but actually reading under his quilt.

    Even now I have quiet moments when I consider how I would react if he comes to me in 7 short years and says "I want to join the army." How could I deny him something that i loved and still miss just because I might have to read a letter like the one above. I couldn't but I dread the thought even though the unpleasantness in afghanistan should be over by then.

    I think about the poor sod who wrote that letter. He paid a final tribute to a family that raised him the best way he knew how. The terrible spelling and grammar make it all the more poignant. This kid was never going to be a brain surgeon and being a soldier was his way of making the best of himself.
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  2. And people say the youth of today are a waste..........
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I hate reading dead men's letters. After reading things like this I always resolve to be a better person, be kinder to people who matter the most and all that, but the truth of it is most of us are too lazy or preoccupied to see what's really important in life or worse, leave things too late or unsaid.
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  4. Such a sad read, but then again, he died, doing wot he wanted to do.
  5. I am lost for words.
  6. Me too!

    Poor little b*gger, he, and his family, will be in my prayers tonight.
  7. Love the reference to "extream spelling".

    I hope Afghan is worth it. We're killing our best and brightest.
  8. Oh hell's teeth.

    I've just read the whole article and will admit to being sat at work with tears running down my face and yet incredibly proud at the same time. S'funny, after a while I didn't notice the spelling and grammar.

    "Your all such great individuals and I hope somehow this letter will help you get through this shit time!! Just remember do NOT mourn my death as hard as this will seem, celebrate a great life that has had its ups and downs. I love you all more than you would ever no and in your own individual ways helped me get through it all. I wish you all the best with your dreams.
    Remember chin up head down. With love Cyrus xxxx"

    Well done that man.
  9. What he said.
  10. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    An excellent letter. Very moving. Well done, that lad and his family.

    Rest in Peace.
  11. The Mrs had told me about it but I never found the link read it.... wowThoughts with Cyrus family
  12. Makes you remember that, when you are moaning about your train being late or your coffee not being served quick enough, that the lads a out there are just that, young lads facing the fear everyday.

    Many of us have probably written similar letters when we were young but we were lucky to have gotten them back and tore them up. This brave fellow was not one of the lucky ones. But he had the heart of a lion and died doing what he loved. All the politicos and their like should pin this up on their walls and read it every now and again, just for perspective.
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  13. I seem to have got some grit in my eye...

    RIP Cyrus.
  14. Very moving words, let's hope there's not many more letters like that being opened before we pull out.