Mum of UK soldier who got £200K for leg arrested for fraud

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. Mother of soldier who received £200,000 after losing leg in Afghanistan arrested for fraud

    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Last updated at 12:26 PM on 10th September 2009

    Private Matt Woollard lost his leg after stepping on a landmine. His mother Angie is now accused of fraud

    Private Matt Woollard lost his leg after stepping on a landmine. His mother Angie is now accused of fraud

    The mother of a soldier who had his leg blown off in Afghanistan has been arrested on suspicion of fraud after thousands of pounds of his compensation vanished.

    Private Matthew Woollard, 19, was awarded £98,000 from the Government and £104,000 from an insurance company for suffering debilitating injuries when he stepped on a landmine during a patrol in Helmand Province in May 2007.

    His mother Angie Woollard, 42, has been arrested on suspicion of fraud but claims she accidentally paid money into her account instead of her son's.

    Mrs Woollard told The Echo: 'I didn't think to get any receipts for things I bought for him and now it is impossible to prove. Matthew has never been able to look after his own fiances. I used to do it for him.

    'I hope it can be sorted out before it goes any further but it has destroyed out family.'

    Mrs Woollard from Westcliff, near Southend in Essex said she had set up an internet bank account for her son but a 'misunderstanding' meant she had accidentally paid £10,000 into her account instead of his.

    She was arrested after he son contacted police and claimed thousands of his compensation cash was missing.

    Mr Woollard, who lives with his girlfriend Natasha Coffey and their one-year-old daughter Callie is said to be devastated.

    His girlfriend told The Echo: 'We were saving for our wedding but now because of this it won't be happening. There is a huge rift in the family because of this.'

    A spokesman for Essex Police said: 'A 42-year-old woman from Westcliff was arrested on suspicion of fraud on September 8 and she has been released on bail.'
  2. How big was the wedding going to be??

    Oh, and I hope she gets time in the big house.
  3. I know what you mean--just when I think I have seen the lowest of the low, someone proves me wrong.
  4. Nice. My neck of the woods when I am back in the UK. I often think the Shoebury Ranges are pointing in the wrong direction and we should leave the wildlife there alone :evil:
  5. OK paying something into the wrong bank account is easy enough.

    Not noticing an unwarranted £10,000 turn up in your account?? get off...
  6. Well said. I am reminded of a time I was a casualty officer after the Beirut barracks bombing and had to notify NOK of Marine's death. Went to the flat in a pretty bad part of town, paid my respects and all the family (mother
    included) wanted to know was how long until the Marine's insurance was paid. Almost made me physically ill.
  7. If I was in position and had accidentally transferred money into my account I'd just transfer the money back.
  8. She should perhaps consider a career in politics.
  9. It's bad enough losing a leg fighting for your Country. Being stitched up by the one person in the world whom you should be able to trust though, must be soul destroying.

    Just very occasionally, I see a mother on the TV, talking about the son she has just lost 'out there' and I feel that the 'sorrow' on display is not genuine. Same with the occasional girl friend. Cynical? maybe, but I don't believe so.
  10. Very Father Ted excuse - the money was just resting in my bank account.

  11. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Is that a straight copy and paste from the article? If so, the Mail really need to get some literate journos and proof-readers. "... never been able to look after his own fiances" made me chuckle a little, though.
  12. Far be it from me, a mere mortal septic, to make such "corrections" of the Mail! :D
  13. She'd be like a lamb to the slaughter with all the professional shysters, conmen, crooks and slimos there.


    PS. That's a fückin' marvellous avatar you have there, mucker. I love it! :D
  14. How can the mothers story be justified? She has lost all the receipts that she brought for her son. When she must of known they wanted a wedding and to not tell him, oh yes I have 10,000 english sterling in my account of yours, im using it to buy you things? Bit dodgy.

    Also if hes so bad with finances he wouldnt of noticed the 10k missing would he!

    Alas, truly sickening that the one person you would depend on most to not decieve you after being through such an ordeal would go and try and pull the wool over your eyes.
  15. what a cunt

    nothing quite like a mothers love eh?