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Mum of the year??

Look at the contenders, they've just picked every 'celeb' who has a kid. Jade - a good mum who chooses to be away form her boys and act like a twat on tv - indirectly putting her kids lives at risk.

Kate Moss - yeh coke and babies
none of the spice girls should be on there, mel b - slut - posh - skinny.
Am I being a bit cynical here, or is this just a pathetic attempt to raise her profile after her recent (well deserved) downfall? (probably engineered by her PR goon).

Horrible fat ugly moose....and thick as a whale omlette


Book Reviewer
I actually think this Grattan award hingy must be a big spoof. After all, the measure of good parents is how happy and well rounded their kids are . . . Sharon fcuking Osbourne?!?!?!?!?!
The best way to make someone a non celebrity is to not discuss mention or even look at pictures of them! they are fake, stupid, fat (usually) ,wastes of oxygen. i have no time for such dross and scum i hate them all equally, they need culling!

It pisses me off just thinking about it!

As for Sharon frickin Ozbourne! dont get me started! please i will have to up my meds!



Book Reviewer
out@last said:
(probably engineered by her PR goon).
Try the Grattan PR goons.

Reminds me of last Fathers Day. Some Bishop cited David Beckham as a role model for family oriented fathers.

The same David Beckham who was banging Victoria Loos, then some slapper from Singapore? The same David Beckham who was pictured at a table in an Italian night club, next to his clothes horse wife, with his toe stuck up his mates birds skirt. That David Beckham?

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