Mum of Massereene Bks victim dies.

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Grief stricken mother of murdered Massereene soldier dies - Headlines - Belfast Newsletter

REPUBLICAN terrorists have claimed another victim with the death of Sapper Quinsey’s mother in Birmingham, an Antrim councillor has claimed.

Pamela Brankin, the mother of Royal Engineer Mark Quinsey shot dead by dissidents outside Massereene army barracks in 2009, fell into ill health after her son’s murder. Her condition is said to have gradually deteriorated and the 51-year-old died on Sunday.
Massereene Mother Dies | News | The Irish News

Pamela Brankin, mother of Sapper Mark Quinsey, died at the weekend at the age of 51.
Sapper Quinsey (23) was killed alongside Sapper Cengiz 'Patrick' Azimkar at the Antrim army barracks in March 2009 as they collected pizza from a delivery driver.
Ms Brankin lived in Birmingham and it is understood she was found dead at her home on Sunday.
She is believed to have suffered from ill health following her son's death.
Ms Brankin and her daughter Jaime attended a commemorative event in Antrim last year during which a memorial was unveiled to the two soldiers from the Royal Engineers.
Antrim DUP Mayor Roy Thompson said there was "no doubt" in his mind "that Mark's mother, Pamela, is yet another victim of the terrible atrocity that took place at Massereene Barracks on 7 March 2009".
Brian Shivers (47) from Sperrin Mews in Magherafelt, Co Derry, is on trial in connection with the shooting dead of Sappers Quinsey and Azimkar.
Two other soldiers and two pizza delivery men were seriously wounded in the gun attack.
Sometimes words fail but the tragedy that is NI claims another victim.
Sometimes words fail but the tragedy that is NI claims another victim.
NI is scabby little place full of small-minded cave dwellers who value coloured flags over the lives of children. Anyone who isn't a complete **** moved to the mainland years ago.

The only real tragedy is that it's too close to nuke.


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K I was in London the day of Patrick Azimkars funeral. I'd no idea I was with 'Iamalondoncrab' we'd planned on visiting the guards museum.
There were a lot of people, lots of young people. It was very sad and I'll never forget it.
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