Mum not happy about me wanting to join Infantry....

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 1140_Sqn, May 11, 2008.

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  1. What can I say to my Mum to stop her calling the Infantry "stupid" or for "drop outs.."

    I want to join the TA Infantry to do a tour of Afghan next year, but I dont want to tell her that, (Because she won't sign my papers then...)

    Anyone else having/had these problems, she is all for me joining the Army, just not the Infantry. I told her that its only about 18 months service (I will leave after my tour, if I get one) (because I am going to New Zealand for 8 Months, then joining the Regs..)

    Any tips or ways of making it sound better?

    Many thanks,


    p.s. sorry about cr@ppy spelling/grammar, I am suffering from amnesia and concussion at the moment!
  2. get a grip, bad bite
  3. How long have you got until your 18?
  4. If yer genuine, i dont know why she'd be worried, because you can't go on tour till yer 18 and in that case you can sign up without her having any say on you joining...

  5. Your mum's right - they always are. She just wants what's best for you.

    Mine wasn't just aghast that I was planning to join the Infantry, it was the whole idea of joining the Army. As an ex-WW2 WAAF, I suppose it's understandable that she'd have a bit of bias, but when she came out with "Why don't you join the RAF? They've got a much nicer uniform. They wear a nice shirt and a tie." I realised that she was more concerned with my comfort than anything else. (The Army had KF shirts in those days).

    I took her to one side and thanked her for looking after me for 17 years, but she had to realise that I was a big boy now, that I had to make my own decisions, my own mistakes and learn from them. She was in tears as she signed the consent form.

    If only I'd taken her advice...
  6. It might be worth taking your Mum to your chosen Infantry unit so she can speak to the wide variety of personnel there. She will probably be quite suprised that when the "thick" Private she's speaking to turns out to be a Phd student or similar.

    My Mum never had that many dramas with it seeing as I was a Pad Brat but she did think I was slightly mental for wanting to go to Iraq.

    Mind you saying that my room mate in Iraq couldn't phone his mum without her disolving in a fit of tears after a minute on the phone! God knows what he was telling her.... :?
  7. Haha, what?
  8. thegimp, I can confirm that 1140_Sqn is genuine. Mate, she'll come around eventually, mine did too - it was a real battle to get her to sign those consent forms. She finally accepted it as my choice, because she didn't want to stop me doing what I wanted to do!

    Von1papen - shuttup, you civvy cockbag. Just because your mother obviously doesn't care about you doesn't mean other mums don't care about their sons as well! I bet your parents couldn't wait to get you out the door!
  9. waiting till I am 18 to sign up is too late, I have to get my training over and done with if I want to be able to go on Tour before I go to New Zealand. That is why I need her to sign them soon.

    brecon_billy, I am also a Pad Brat, my dad was in the Army for 12 Years, But that doesnt stop her from having this sterotype in her head......

    I am sure she will sign them in the end, I just cant tell her about my plans of going on tour, because she would never sign them then!

    Thanks for the replies lads,

  10. I'am partial civvy, in the middle of signing up, just did my BARB test :p

    I wasn't meaning to be rude but those are the facts, actually my mum was just as opposed as 1140_Sqn's but the only way i found i could reason with her was to show her the facts.

    You cannot go on tour until you are 18, when you are 18 you do not need permission, there is alot worse you could be doing with your time, etc etc

    So basically tell her shes allowing you to go on training etc, get yer bounty which will go towards uni/car/ or something, shes not signing your death warrent which is what alot of parents think they're doing.

    Just keep at her and she'll eventually come round to the idea, don't give up!!

  11. Opps double post :oops:
  12. Why haha?

    A TA Infantry Platoon will have a number of graduates or university students , who aren't TAPO's and have no intention of becoming such. At one point one of our fireteams was composed of nothing but graduates.

    I guess it depends if you're in a University (ies) town or not, but TA Infantry by and large, don't conform to blinkered stereotypes concerning education or interests.
  13. You have to ask yourself why are you going through all this trouble.

    When are you 18?

    Which ever trade you join you will be going to Afgan and Iraq regardless and bullets and IED's are an equal oportunity weapon.

    18 Months is not worth you getting into it and going through the training and then deploy, depending which route you take, 6 - 8 months recruit training, 2 weeks CIC then deployment, which depending on the unit could be 4 to 5 months pre depolyment then the tour, so you could be looking 2 years plus to get an op under your belt.

    Honestly have your time away enjoy it then come back when you 18 and decide which regiment you want yourself.

    Which Inf unit you looking at.
  14. It is possible do the summer challenge, gets all your training out the way. Im a uni student in the inf its just closest, what other units are around you? Dont worry bout thick cnuts in my phase 1 each capbadge had them. Might just be my battalion but recruits are usually given their brown envelope a couple off months after CIC, some actually got it the week after they passed out.
  15. I am hoping to get on to Summer Challange, I am not 18 till next May!!!

    Going to New Zealand is very flexiable, if my training take longer, then I can wait. I really want to do this.

    I would be joining 1st PWRR Recce Platoon (My nearest unit) or 2nd Bomb Disposal team.