Mum filmed sucking her son off

Wish my mum had been like that.
It probably wouldn't take much to have to rape her, in fact she'd most likely turn the tables and rape you.
And film it.
I doubt anyone could rape her, doesnt there have to be lack of consent?
Why film it? Maybe he was going to show it to his mates?

"Guess who this is!"
She's not bad at it now.
What, at 81 years old and crippled with arthritis and suffering from Alzheimers? Are you some kind of saint giving sexual succour to the aged?

You deserve a bloody medal!
The most surprising thing is that she's not from Norwich.
Who cares where she's from. Give her honorary citizenship if necessary.
That telltale swish of the satin cape should've been a warning.

EM: He's a good looking lad isn't he? Why don't you... erm... etc.
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