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Mum cancels son WOW acc

Bloody hell. Good drills for the bloke who put the camera on! What the hell was that with the remote? :-D
*edited for laughing too hard

In fairness, he's relatively well behaved. One bellow of "shut up" from dad and he immediately stops the tantrum. Which is a shame, because my throat is actually sore from laughing!
No way is that a fake. The Remote Control moment is too genuine. The moment of thought, the brief intent to penetrate himself then the realisation that the remote up the arrse technique isn't loud and attention grabbing. Not like the more common Shoe Strike.

His mate will take the pesh until the end of time for that and if his nickname isn't "remote" already it will be shortly.
Command_doh said:
Good efffort Mum. Preventing her geek of a son from a lifetime of virginity.
You think after the remote control (and subsequent viewing by everyone he knows and will ever know), he's ever going to get a girl?

He's more likely to get a life sentence for murdering his brother.
The power of WoW...... to be honest........... I would also do a 'North Korea Emo Kid' if someone cancelled my WoW account.... 4 years of work...... that mother has balls!

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