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    By Vicki Fitzgerald - Bristol Evening Post

    04 May 2007

    A woman from Clevedon has praised Army paramedics who brought her back to life after she suffered a heart attack at the wheel of her car.

    Ruth Harper,57, suffered the attack while driving back home from Horley in Surrey.

    She started to swerve across the M4 motorway and her son Nigel, who was a passenger, grabbed the wheel and the handbrake to stop the car. He said his mum appeared to have "died" but after four minutes three Army paramedics who had rushed to her aid managed to revive her.

    Since then she has spent six weeks in hospital. She had to have a tracheotomy, and although unconscious for more than three weeks, she pulled the tube out of her throat and had to be resuscitated again twice.

    Mrs Harper said she cannot remember anything about the attack, and has not been able to trace the soldiers to thank them.She said: "I had my guardian angel with me that day. I want to find the soldiers who helped me and thank them personally as I owe my life to them. The trouble is we don't have a clue where they were from or have their names."

    Nigel said if it had not been for the Army paramedics his mother would not be alive.

    He said: "We were driving along a normal road near Bracknell, about 10 minutes away from the M4.

    " I was turned around talking to my son who was in the back of the car when I felt the car verge in and out and I turned back. Mum was slumped in her seat and she was purple, I thought she had choked.

    "I grabbed the steering wheel and steered into a lay-by and the people behind realised something was wrong and stopped to help.

    "Some Army paramedics must have been a few cars back and they stopped also but to be honest it's all a bit of a blur. I was on the phone being told what to do and I was trying to stop my son from getting out the car to see what was happening, so I was a bit of a mess.

    "It was fortunate the army paramedics were there as I didn't know what to do - I don't know first aid.

    "Mum would have died if it was not for them. I know the hospital has done a lot to help her since but she would have died before even getting there if they had not revived her."

    A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said: "Unfortunately, we have no idea who the soldiers are or where they come from, but will listen out for information from anyone who might know."

    Do you know the paramedics who saved Ruth Harper? Call the Evening Post newsdesk 0117 934 3335.

    Nice to have some positive media exposure for the Military for a change, this lady wishes to trace and thank those concerned – so come on, you know who you are – stand up and receive some richly deserved praise and thanks from this grateful Lady!
  2. Recalled back in the late 70's , while serving with 5 Fd Ambulance ,when a similar thing happened. Every medical unit in BOAR had enquired from thier medics of an incident that took place involving an Army Ambulance,where the acton of these medics saved a life. No one came forward. In these days of litigation , I suppose even Good Samaritans are a bit hesitant to come forward , in case there is a back lash later.
  3. A bit harsh, **** litigation, ever heard of litigation insurance? Mine costs £2 a month for £2M cover.
    Stand up and be counted, we are men not mice!
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    A example of the standard of our Armed Services who,in this day & age,do not think about themselves but rather think of others first.Well done lads.
  5. As suggested, probably more worried about stepping forwards in case of the BoI, that some civil servant in Head Office has ordered to keep the Minister and PUS smelling sweet.

    Who sues wins!
  6. Well done to the lads or girls involved, even if they do remain un-named, they did us proud. (I'd of just given a tubigrip, packet of Brufen and laminated biff chit, as issued!)
  7. The journalist who threw this together in order to meet the deadline really should try to make sense!

    Well done to the lads, though. Whoever they were!