Multiple 'walting' going on here

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by strangler, May 1, 2012.

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  1. The lying thieving git appears to be a Scouser, quelle surprise.
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  2. So using alcohol to get women into bed is called rape nowadays, lying to them is called fraud. Christ I am glad I am not a teenager - how are you meant to bed a woman legally?
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  3. Another one for the RLC hall of fame.
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  4. I went into an Outdoor Pursuits shop today. I bought a Fell jacket. As I was leaving the shop I tripped over a paving stone. No wonder they call them Fell jackets.
  5. Dunno mate, I mean it won't be long before exclusively dating clunge will be seen as discriminating against gays and homophobic, I am so glad I am old and bold and can safely look on with amusement.
  6. He should be named and shamed on the Walt board!
  7. I was under the impression lying to chicks with intent to bed them.. was perfectably acceptable!

    Fuck.. im gunna have tell my girlfriend im not a dolphin trainer who trained the whale in free willy :(