Multiple profiles 360???

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by hicky, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. Ok I've got xbox live and can log on as my own profile, the wife has created a profile for herself(I know she shouldnt be touching anything electrical beyond the washing machine or kettle but this may maintain a bit of harmony for a while).

    Tha thing is she cant logon to live using her profile.
    Can multiple profiles use the same xbox to log on to live???
    Obviously one at a time.......I'm a bit confuzzled here.
  2. no each separate account has to have its own separate payed live subscription
  3. you can use the same xbox to log in, but i belive each profile will have to be a seperate account holder, except in some 2 player games where you can both log in using one account, but can obviously only play that game.
  4. Thanks.
    Thought so money grabbing barstewards!
  5. Looks like you know what to get her for your aniversary this year :)
  6. Ive seen this on some games (Las Vegas ?) where you see the profile plus and again with profile (1) though I can't seem to get this sorted for the kids. Money grabbing buggers though.