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I won't start a new thread on this, but whats with the repeative or double up of words being added to text at the moment. It's in usually in the second line of text, the last word on the first line is repeated as the first word in the second line. I've noticed it before but just thought the poster had forgotten what he/she had previously writen, but it's different posters and in different threads, and I don't believe that they are all numpties when they type.

Anyone else seeing this or is it just me?

I'm seeing this problem again. It did appear to go away, but I've seen it in several posts today. Romies post in the spammers thread to name but one.



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Anyone know which version of IE? If it is 6 or 7 then I'm afraid it ain't going to get fixed anytime soon!
It's IE7 at my place but I've no choice in the matter. No probs at all with Chrome or Firefox though while at home.


I posted a thread on this issue a while back. It's an IE7 issue. It doesn't happen in newer browsers
This was raised in one of the longer threads a month or so back. I looked in to it and I think the outcome was that it was a bug in Internet Explorer. I can't spend more time on it now, but a quick search revealed this for IE6: IE6 Duplicate Characters Bug - CSS fixes and workarounds. The interesting part is that while it's not our fault, we may be able to fix it.

I don't know about IE7. If someone fancies playing with the advanced search or a trawl through the last 2 months worth of posts in here then you'll find the answer :) If not I'll look again later.
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