"Multiple Deaths" At Munich Shopping Centre


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Up to 15 dead according to Muencher Abendzeitung.
Omg. How awful. :(
They will turn out to be mentally ill...nothing to see here move along don't anyone dare say otherwise.


Bet you a grand someone mentions religion of peace within the next five pages

It'll be the followers of the religion of peace.

Pay up.
Fifty Phegs it was Bhuddists or maybe Hari Krishnas lot.

RIP those killed and the lives destroyed in this latest attack.

i know it's a long shot - but i'm going to put my money on the Muslims this time - i'm sick of betting it is people with 'mental issues' or 'on drugs' carrying out these attacks and being proved wrong every time.
I've got absolutely no idea what can be done but the radical snackbars really ******* pushing for the end of days.

If I could find the link to the Australian defence guys report I'd post it.

These scum won't stop, can't be reasoned with and don't care if they die - how can you deal with an enemy like that.
Might not be a peace loving follower but a lone wolfgang

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