Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by oscar1whisky, May 30, 2007.

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  1. in ww2 my father served with inniskiling fusiliers. wounded in action in the retreat to dunkirk, he then spent some weeks walking to pow camp in poland. and there he stayed, until freed by advancing russian troops who employed him as a rifleman until handed over to us forces. after time serving with them he was eventually repatriated, and promptly posted to palestine, followed by malaya and jamaica before finally grabbing an instructor post with ta back in ulster. all this by the age of 28 too. anyone else end up serving in 3 different armies?
  2. There was that one poor Korean chap that was pressed into the Japanese Army, sent into battle against the Soviets in Manchuria, where he was captured and pressed into service by the Russians, sent to to the Eastern front and captured by Germans, put into an Ost Battalion and sent to Normandy, and captured by American forces. After the war he moved to the US.
  3. I met a Chinaman who went via Shek's Nationalist Army to Japanese Auxilliary Labour Corps, captured by the Soviets, then the Wehrmacht, volunteered for the FFL after the war and wound up fighting the Vietminh.

    He returned home just in time to be imprisoned during the Cultural Revolution as his grandad had been an officer in the Chinese Emperor's Army. Talk about Lucky White Heather!
  4. Wouldn't it have been Mongolia?

    By the time the two armies clashed in Manchuria, the war in Europe was already over.

  5. There was an artillery piece that started life as a 20 pdr AA gun in the Battle of Britain, shipped to Russia sometime in 1941 where it was captured by the Germans. The Germans put it on a tank chassis and sent it to North Africa where it was captured by the Brits at El Alemein.

    Jean (johnny) Zumbach was a Swiss who fought as an airman for 1939, France in 1940 flew in the Battle of Britian for the RAF then post wart was the Biafran Air Force.
  6. That was the second time. Prior to that there was a clash in 1938. That clash prompted the Soviets and the Japanese to sign a non-aggressive pact, but several POWs got screwed, the Japanese sent the Russians they bagged to unit 731, and the Russians pressed theirs into service.