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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by BlackHand, Apr 30, 2005.

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  1. Its not entirely accurate,

    with US Sgts the equivilant of British Sgts, more like senior tom or lance jack..........
  2. The rank equivalents are accurate, but it doesn't show the responsibilities of ranks in the various armies e.g. Corporals as Section Commanders in the British Army.
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  3. That is bizarre.

    The Turks and Greeks don't have a private or lance jack.

    The Germans have 18 OR's to the Norwegians 3

    That can't be right can it?
  4. Gwailo wrote:

    It is right. There is no doubt that the UK have the more simplistic rank structure in Nato. The Norweigians OR's are actually civilians under contract. Only the Norweigan officers are regulars. Having served with Nato, I do believe that most OR6's and above would not make it into the Mess at the level of a Bristish SNCO. Saying that I have met a few that would be worthy, very few. Unfortunately the OR structure is based on the USA E system. If you take the average age of an American S/Sgt (OR6) which is 25 and the average age of a Brit Sgt (OR6) which is 27, there is a 2 year gap, that boils down to experience, thats why the Brits better the Yanks in this area. We tend to get promoted on experience where as are American friends tend to be promoted on their ability to do their ITD's on time. :lol:
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  5. I still don't agree with it even if it is the 'official listing' and I know Tomahawk6 is going to jump on his high horse about it but.....

    When I was a Pte I was a rifleman in an Infantry Section. I did a 7 week internal course to be a LCpl.

    When I was a LCpl I was the 2IC of a section and commanded a fire team. I then did 13 weeks of busting my guts out at Aldershot and Brecon to be a Section Commander. (there were also 3 US Rangers on this course and they ended up agreeing with us as well)

    When I was a Corporal I was a Section commander (Squad Leader for all you spams) in charge of a section of 8. OK 7 + 3 (Wr).

    When I was a Sergeant (OK I was Mortars by then) but I would have been a platoon sergeant in a rifle company instead I had a far better job than chasing 17/18 year old creatures around wiping their arrses for them.

    Now I am a CSgt I have been a Mortar 2IC which is a job that is rank ranged between CSgt and WO2!

    Just because the spams have sergeants for everything and we have a definate split between JNCO and SNCO they seem to think they know everything.....well they don't


    I have worked along side our American cousins on numerous occasions - including 2 years in Berlin and at Brecon.

    Rant over!
  6. Agree completely. The list just reels off a bunch of ranks without looking at responsibilities, and as such is, in my opinion, a bit of a waste of time.

    Is it true that a US tank commander is a 2nd Lt/Lt? If so, it makes a bit of a mockery, given that is the job of a Brit Cpl.
  7. Mech would no better than I, but I believe most tank commanders are SSgts. A tank 2Lt or 1Lt would be a tank platoon leader, what in charge of three or four tanks including his own.
  8. You may be right - even so, the rank comparison chart does not hold there either, a Cpl doing the job of a Ssgt. It's not just armoured as well, there are numerous other examples. I reckon its got a lot to do with the US having plenty of manpower and being able to have plenty of people at that rank for the job, whereas with us Brits we don't, and have to make the person fit the job.

    Its just not an accurate or fair comparison, IMO.
  9. It's all about ability. Don't wish to sound superior but IMHO Brits should be locally promoted when working with foreign troops. It used to happen when 'Toms' went down to Pau in France for the Mil Free Fall course and were all promoted local Sgt for the duration :lol: For all I know it probably does. Just remember a Cpl in the Commandos = a Captain in the Craphats!
    Now ducking the incoming........
  10. US Army 2LTs are Platoon Leaders, and if they are in a Tank Platoon then they are also Tank Commander qualified.

    Normal platoon of 4 tanks and 16 people. Usual tank commander is OR-5 or OR-6 (E5 or E6). One OR-7 (E7) per platoon as the Platoon Sergeant.

    Wouldn't give you a plugged nickel for a 2LT . . . and I wouldn't give him a map either.
  11. Crew Commanders in the ADF (RAAC) are CPLS....can also be LCPLS. TSGTS can also be crew commanders.
  12. Even when we compare the ranks of the different US forces we have the same problem. The US Army seems to have inflated rank compared to the US Marines. In the Army a squad leader is a Staff Sergeant, with two Sergeant Fire Team Leaders. The Marines usually have a Sergeant as the Squad leader, and a Corporal as a team leader. There are times of course that manpower gets short and a Specialist/Corporal will be a team leader or even squad leader with a Private First Class as a team leader.
  13. Irish Defence Forces


    Exactly the same as BA, exception being a Commandant (Comdt), equivalent to a Major in the BA. Most senior Irish rank is Lt Gen.

    Other Ranks (BA equivalent):

    Recruit (Pte in CMSR)
    Pte 2* (Pte in Phase 2 trg)
    Pte 3* (Pte after completion of Phase 2 trg)
    Cpl (LCpl & Cpl)
    Sgt (Sgt)
    Coy Quartermaster Sgt (S/Sgt)
    Coy Sergeant (WO 2 / CSM)
    Bn Quartermaster Sgt (??)
    Bn Sergeant Major (WO 1 / RSM)