Multikulti, as the Germans put it, has failed totally.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bakerlite, Oct 20, 2010.

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  1. Germany and the Failure of Multiculturalism | STRATFOR

    Holland and Denmark have voiced similar opinions lately, although they might just be referring to Germany.
    This analysis is obviously from an American point of view, but I think that it might be instructive. I particularly liked this paragraph:

    Perhaps it's not too late to export cricket to Germany, they could take Pakistan's place in the tests.

  2. An excellent idea.... perhaps we could drop the cricket balls by Lancaster from 20 thousand feet!

    F*cking HOWZAT!!
  3. Thus spake the big grey wolf of the Anglecynn - a lose affiliation of early immigrant German tribes from Jutland - whose mighty ancestor had a Byffe Chyyte to dodge the Battle of Hastings and the sense to keep his head right down afterwards; with much forelock tugging and brown nosing to his new Norman masters.
  4. Great, lets reanimate Enoch Powell and get aboard the pogrom bus!
  5. It failed between 1936/45 too, so nothing new to the box heads, just revisiting old territory so to speak.
  6. Theres a reason the Norman Cnuts only managed to Domesday book the Southern part of England you know.... more of the "Mongrel" variety down there (All those shandy swilling Saxons) as opposed to the Angles up North... we even kept our language and accent. well you know the Normans weren't actually French. Mind you things were not good for the Normans up North... many of them met sticky ends including their Bishops. Hence their need for the Murdrum fine such was the mortality rate amongst the interlopers. Amazing really.... even after his genocide he still couldn't fully stop the uprisings. Even some of his Norman gentry took part.
  7. Of course it has. The entire concept was fundamentally flawed. Society is based upon a common set of identities, understandings, histories and laws - essentially a culture. Thus a society can only have one culture, it can operate a number of sub-cultures, but these are a sub-set of the key identity. So to suggest that a number of cultures can co-exist is naive. The incoming group must adjust to the dominant culture, which in turn will change and evolve to accept the new group. This is a natural process and cannot be artificially coerced by well-meaning politicians.
  8. Well as the last government policy was to import voters and change the face of our society then it was hardly well meaning was it?
  9. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    This is one of the most astute posts I have seen in many a year.

    Hear, hear.
  10. If it is true that we homo-sapiens all originated from Africa...why did we all end up dotted all over the globe and not stay put where we were? Perhaps the neighbors were cnuts and my ancestors decided to up sticks and move.

    Along came alcohol that dresses down everyone's up front personality.
    When will these other cnuts allow the greatest thing invented be consumed by there people?

    I hope the government has a plan for this otherwise you might read in the papers soon enough that a team of men (and women of course, we are in the 21st century now) have been sneaking into certain people's houses during the night. Hooking the certain people on drips of pure alcohol only to find themselves when woken liberated and less angry with the world :)

  11. Far out, man.
  12. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    I'll have some of what ever he's on
  13. It's not some it something... a one way ticket to Australia and an operation on my eyes so that i will never look back :)

    The cnuts in charge are that far up there own arse that i am afraid to say they will never see the day light again.
  14. a very simplistic article about the problems in germany right now.

    it's a big topic in germany right now and i could right out all the failings of what contributed to this problem, but.... i can't be arrsed. it would be a waste of time. the "multi culture doesn't work simple as that" crowd will believe what they want. it's like the whole "burhurr so much aid to India but they have SPACE PROGRAAAAMMMM MAAAANN" shite here all the time. the logic behind it has been explained by various posters but people like to go on about it nevertheless.

    so let it out lads.

    i'll start for you. "there's no room for furriners..."
  15. There is room for furriners, just not the amount they are letting in to FORCE this multi bollox onto the British people.

    I say 1000 or 1001 a year should do it, after visiting the local Job center 'plus', I fail to see the need for four Asian security guards who fail to speak English at a basic level, when more and more people are being put onto the scummy list...Me included :)