Multiculturism is dead

should the Flag and Daily pledge be promoted as described

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i feel mutliculturism is now dead, anyone living in teh UK should embrace British Values and the flag of the nation representing the union of countries AND people from different backgrounds.

the Daily pledge Oath could be like this:-

(all must speak English ) Defend the nation against wrongs, external enemies, promote Decency and respect for everybody, uphold the law of the land, honour the Crown and the heritage it stands for.

perhaps being reminded daily in school and colleges, job interviews, remembrance parades, school entrances, public assembly in Town halls, public meetings, open forums, on top of newspapers, british based websites, over border entry points in many languages into the UK to remind them what we stand for, the UNION flag is to be promoted and displayed where possible, reclaim the Nation and Flag from those that would besmirch it, the Union flag no longer just represent the four countries, it represents everybody.

there many immigrants who do just that, some have spoken of their debt of honour to the country that has given them a start, many are running business, restaurants, lke Chinese, Bengali, Indians, Sikhs, Gurkhas, surprisingly quite a few Americans do move here as well. ALL paying taxes, voting, working and supporting this country, but there is not enough of them, that needs to change, we need to be more selective in who we allow in this country and keep a tight countrol on it not allowing it to spiral out of control, they must also have a researchable security vetting to prevent mad mullahs extremist in this country, if no researchable history then they should not enter this country.

multiculturism is not really working nobody is fitting in, we are now having diferent nations in one country , a DISunited Kingdom. one thing the Americans did get right even if its not perfect , is that they tell all Immigrants to leave their nationality behind on the shores of American and embrace American identity 100%, speaking English as a language of unity. speak you rown if you want to but to get on you would have to be bilingual.
Semper, it depends...If multicultralism is embracing and respecting peoples hertitage within the host soceity then it is not dead (we are a nation of immigarnts well since the 1840's)...but if it means that you can debate the values of our society then it is should be dead and buried.

[The US has been very succesful at this - my wife still considers herself to be of Irish/Italian decent dispite not holding a passport and the last four generations (if you include our son) speak neither Gaelic nor Italian.]
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